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The OSI Group: Over 100 Years Of Quality Food Service

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The OSI Group is an American company that’s among the world leaders when it comes to providing the food service and retail industries with custom solutions and quality meat products.

The headquarters of the privately owned meat processor holding company is in Aurora, Illinois, but it has over 65 facilities located in 17 countries worldwide including the Asia-Pacific region, Western and Eastern Europe and North America. In the United States it has plants in Geneva, Chicago and West Chicago, Illinois, Riverside, California, West Jordan, Utah, Oakland, Iowa and Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

OSI group was founded by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, in 1909 as an Oak Park, Illinois based family meat market. Today the OSI Group produces bacon, dough, fish, hot dogs, meat patties, pizza, pork, poultry and vegetable products, produces a wide range of private brand label foods as well as co-packing brand name items destined for its numerous foodservice and retail customers. The company also supplies western fast food chains working in China with meat. Forbes lists the OSI Group as the number 58 largest private company with over $6.1 billion in assets.

One of the company’s early major breaks came when it struck a deal with Ray Kroc in 1955 to provide fresh ground beef patties for his growing McDonald’s franchises. The company was chosen because of its reputation for offering quality meat. It’s next major step was acquiring cryogenic food processing technology and opening a high-volume meat plant located in West Chicago in 1973. The plant had specially developed liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels and patty-forming machines. It soon began providing area restaurants and supermarkets with specialty and processed meats through its Glenmark unit.

Otto and Sons changed its name to OSI Industries in 1975. As McDonald’s exclusive meat supplier it prospered and grew along with the burgeoning fast-food giant. The company sold its Glenmark brand to Best Chicago Meat in 2011. Over the years the facilities operated by the OSI Group have received numerous awards for its health and safety risk and environmental management and for the high quality services it provides for the food industry.

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A New Look At Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying has recently been a concern for many people. However, a lot of the blame seems to be getting thrown on Twitter. While a lot of cyberbullying does go on with Twitter, it is unfair to blame the micro-blogging social media platform for this phenomenon. The fact of the matter is that bullies are bullies no matter what the platform is. Without internet and cyberbullying, there was bullying in person. There was also bullying over the phone. One thing that can be said about anything is that if there is a will, there is a way. Cyberbullying was in effect long before social media platforms became the norm.


For one thing, there were forums. Forums had a lot of flame wars. But when it comes to social media, there are efforts being made to get rid of cyberbullying. However, it should not be expected of Twitter and Facebook to abolish that. It is addressing some of the issues in ways that could reduce it. Among the ways they are considering is getting rid of faceless communication. However, even that could backfire because bullies are going to bully no matter what. One thing that could be said about the ability to hide behind anonymity can make bullies a little more bold.


While the problem is happening with Twitter, the steps taken to solve it should be intended for all platforms of online interaction. This way, people could be even safer. After all, social media does want to make sure that people are communicating and interacting in a safe environment. For one thing, this could attract more users to the communities. Social media is meant to connect people with each other and help them find ways to solve problems together as an online community. There is hope that the professionals will come up with ways to take care of the cyberbullying phenomenon. One thing that is needed is for there to be a more active enforcement of rules.


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iPhone 7 Not As Popular As iPhone 6

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The iPhone, which was one of the earliest smartphones that have brought smartphones into the public has been coming up with regular advancements. However, the latest version, which is the iPhone 7 has not been as popular as the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6s. This is to be expected with products that are often innovative. There will be some products that may perform at a lower rate than the previous item. However, this is nothing to worry about. There have been a few effects to the plan of companies when it comes to the iPhone 7, though.


Because of the low sales of the new model, a lot of stores are ordering fewer of the models. One must wonder what it is that made the new phone perform poorly compared to the previous phone. For one thing, there are cases when a certain model has some great features. Then at some point, they release the new model with new features. Often times, those features are not as great as the older version. Also, some of the great features of the older version have been taken away from the newer version. As a result, the newer version is going to be lacking when it comes to sales.


Another factor that could influence the sales of the iPhone is the types of smartphones that are out beside the iPhone. For one thing, there are a lot of other phones that are dominating the market. Among the phones that are available in the industry are phones by HTC, LG, and Samsung. They offer some great phones that offer features that compete with the iPhone. Their cameras are also every bit as clear and vivid in the images that they take. Another factor is in the prices that people pay for their phones. The iPhone is often more expensive than the other smartphones. However, there are already plans for the iPhone 8. Apple is likely to putt out all the stop for their next phone.


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The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science By Rutgers Cancer Institute

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Rutgers Cancer Institute Of New Jersey is going forward in researching precision medicine by creating the Omar Boarie Chair in Genomic Science, reports The Omar Boarie Chair is an endowed chair and it is considered top standard in higher education. An endowed chair expresses the dedication any university has to a discipline. The endowed chair is dedicated to Omar Boraie, who is a developer from New Brunswick. Omar Boraie has pledged $1.5 million to support the chair. Rutgers University came up with a campaign called “18 Chair Challenge”. The “18 Chair Challenge” is about an anonymous donor pledging $1.5 million for each of the 18 chairs.

Precision medicine and genomic science are revolutionizing how professionals in medicine are approaching cancer treatment and its diagnosis. This type of medicine is quite new and it involves looking at cancerous tumors on a genetic level. This analysis allows oncologists to determine individual therapy for their patients. This approach often leads to a better outcome for each patient. President Barack Obama spoke about precision medicine in one of his State of the Union addresses. Within the speech, he spoke of a launch that would focus on discovering a cure for cancer.

Rutgers Cancer Institute is revolutionizing the way academic facilities do their research. The Rutgers Cancer Institute was one of the first academic facilities in the United States to use genomic sequencing when it came to precision medicine and treating patients. Genomic sequencing is considered valuable because it has the ability to assist in finding rare types of cancers and discovering whether or not certain treatments have been ineffective. As precision medicine advances, it increases the medical professional’s ability to group cancers which will give patients better individual therapies.

If you are looking to read further and learn more about precision medicine, consult the piece which was published through NewsWise.

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Scott Rocklage – Medicine Expert And Managing Partner 5am Ventures

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Scott Rocklage is the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, an office he has occupied since 2004. He joined the firm in 2003, and was promoted to management a year later. Steve has a vast knowledge of the healthcare services industry, having worked in for over 30 years. He has the approval of several drugs by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The medicines include Omniscan, Cubicin, and Teslacan.

Scott’s alma mater is the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry. He also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a Doctorate degree in Chemistry. While pursuing his Ph.D., Scott conducted his research in Nobel Laureate Richard Schrock’s laboratory. His research has seen him invent several drugs and he owns over 30 registered US patents. He also boasts of over 100 peer-reviewed journals.

In his over three decades in the health domain, Scott has served in different capacities in various institutions. He has served as CEO of Nycomed Salutar as well as Cubist Pharmaceuticals. He is a member of several boards including; Epirus, Rennovia, Kinestral and Cidara, and Pulmatrix. Dr. Rocklage has also chaired Semprus, Ilypsa, and Milkana boards.

5AM Ventures

Due to Scott’s vast experience, 5AM Venture sought his services in 2003. Rocklage had overseen a successful IPO at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, which was one of many prosperous investments he masterminded.

5Am Venture and Scott Rocklage aims to provide capital and other funds to life science-based startups. The firm is based in Menlo, California and has raised $953 million up to date. It was inaugurated in 2002 by John Diekman and Andrew Schwab. They have invested in over 90 biotechnology firms since their inception.

The company employs top professionals with immense experience in life science. These experts are able to single out the best scientists and transform them into renowned entrepreneurs. They also network them to established life science companies in an effort to increase investment funding. This is done to improve client satisfaction.

The venture also aims to ensure their clients realize profits within a short scope of time. They use techniques with lenient commercialization regulations to achieve optimal returns within five years. They work to make the most of the equity returns by sourcing non-equity capital and crafting earlier exit opportunities.

Unlike other venture capital enterprises who prioritize larger investments, 5AM treats all clients equally. They intend to maximize profits of all firms in their portfolio. They restructure management teams, and business strategies to cater to each individual client. This reduces loss rates while improving overall profit margins.

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Bridging the Gap Between Silicon Valley and China

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Silicon Valley’s hopes of getting a share in the Chinese market was crushed to dust when Uber sold its operations in the country to its closest rival Didi Chuxing. The region’s tech companies have slowly lost the battle for the country’s 700 million population characterized by high purchasing power and love for technology. Amazon, eBay, Google, Facebook and Twitter are already sidelined and replaced by local alternative versions.


In equal measure, Chinese tech companies are still finding it hard to penetrate the global market. The country’s tech giants such as Alibaba and Baidu have staged futile attempts to gain traction of the globe’s rich market share. Following these circumstances, Chinese and US companies are increasingly operating in form of partnerships and reciprocating investments. Even as they try to expand their client base, these firms are still subjected to external influence mainly the government. Li Zhifei, founder and CEO of Mobvoi acknowledges that there is a rift between the two biggest global tech centers. However, he affirms that the relationship between Chinese and American tech companies is going to be tighter in a few years.


For instance, the Chinese mobile market forms 20% of the world market. It is the largest in the world, and that is why companies who care about the 20%s are willing to form partnerships with Chinese companies or trade locally. These partnerships will slowly bridge the gap between Chinese tech companies and Silicon Valley.


However, US companies still have a challenge ahead as far setting up operations in China is concerned. China’s local market has aggressive companies who are quick to adjust to the market changes and make decisions promptly. Such companies execute with speed and are quick to identify opportunities in the market. This might be a challenge to foreign companies who operate in the country using remote technology.


Though Silicon Valley companies have a global view, they need to be more localized in China if they want to tap into the country’s rich market and compete well with the local tech companies. We have seen the efforts of Apple who doubled their sales in China’s lucrative market. Facebook is trying to re-establish a foothold there, and other companies have gone as far as to rebuild their entire system to offer services specific to the Chinese market.

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Williamson County Transit Panelists Discuss Future Transportation Options

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The Williamson County Growth Summit is a platform where transportation partners and stakeholders table various transportation challenges and contrast them with the traffic needs of Austin, Texas. However, the meeting held in December 2016, broadened its focus to include the region’s suburban communities.


The Agenda and Those Involved


The Summit comprised of stakeholders who included RideScout LLC founder Joseph Kosper, CTRMA’s Executive Director Mike Heiligenstein, ArgoDesign’s Jared Ficklin, and Uber Technologies Inc.’s Texas External Affairs Director Leandre Johns. Their discussions mainly focused on the ways in which technology was changing the transportation sector in the Austin region and worldwide.


A Question on Policy


Mr. Heiligenstein, having noted the presence of various transportation technological breakthroughs such as the driverless car, mentioned that it was still imperative for Austin to invest in expanding its transportation capacity. He specifically pointed out that building smarter roads was a solution, and would serve as an option towards sustaining the mobility demands of Austin’s fast-growing population. Mr. Heiligenstein further went on to applaud Williamson County for their 15-year Zest in molding their infrastructure.


However, he extrapolated the fact that the population would continue growing and thus they had an obligation to expand their infrastructural capacity and highlighted the need to make them more technically advanced and efficient.


Responding to the same issue, Mr. Ficklin argued that land-use and building codes ought to remain flexible. He painted a slight picture on how the future parking lots will look like, stating that the levels will only be an inch taller than the car itself, will have multiple levels as well as a charging station for each level. His reason for painting this picture was to show the need for flexibility and how the idea of the future doesn’t fit into the current building codes.


Uber’s Leandre Johns, emphasized that the Austin population of commuters needed first and last-mile solutions with the aim of enabling a seamless transition to and from public transit. Their idea was to get people to understand that their first mile before getting to the bus stop and their last mile, after alighting from the bus stop was already taken care of by companies like Uber.


Mike Heiligenstein


CTRMA’S Executive Director, Mike Heiligenstein, currently serves as Chair of the International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association. He also has a board seat on the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Before taking the role of Regional Mobility Director, Mr. Heiligenstein had been a public official of Williamson County for 23 years.


The Mobility Authority


It is situated in Texas and was formed in 2002 as an independent government arm. Its purpose was to improve the transport network in Travis and Williamson Counties. Their mission includes implementation of multimodal and innovative transportation resolutions that reduce traffic congestion.

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End Citizens United PAC Pledges To End Dark Money In Politics

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About End Citizens United

The political activism committee (PAC) was started in March 2015. Its operations are financed by grassroots donors. Their objective is to push for reforms in the campaign funding system and fight against the Citizens United group, hence the name End Citizens United.

The group pledged to show to all stakeholders in the 2016 elections that the aristocrats cannot but their way into political offices on They hoped that this move would pressure congressmen into redrafting the legislation in favor of campaign financing reforms.

The Mission

End Citizens United aim to fight the involvement of billionaires in national elections and eradicating corruption in the political system. This will be achieved by electing finance reform activists and enacting new voting guidelines on The pro-reform activists would oversee the dismantling of Citizens United. This would, in turn, result in an end of unlimited pumping of large amounts of cash in campaigns and signal the end of ‘Dark Money’.

While their mission on Facebook is a daunting task, they have come up with methods that they believe will help them achieve this feat. The plans include; voting in reform champions, raising awareness nationwide on the issue of money in politics and using grassroots followers to flex political muscle on the subject of money in politics.

Supporting Democrats

End Citizens United is inclined towards Democrats because of the party’s stance on Citizens United. Democrats are on the forefront of the fight against Citizens United. Although some Republicans are against unlimited financing, the party’s leadership is opposed to the overturning of the Supreme Court’s ruling in favor of Citizens United.


The group says “it practices what they preach”. Their source of money is grassroots donations averaging slightly over $14. They have received 136,000 donations up to date.

Campaign for Constitutional Amendment

End Citizens United started a petition whose objective was to pressure congress to pass a law that would see the ruling in favor of Citizens United reversed. Over 300,000 people signed the petition and much more were expected to join. In an effort to land more signatures, the group rent out its popular email list (over 4 million subscribers) and united with “Ready for Hillary” group.

The group’s leader said that his organization was different from others in that it actually supported candidates who were pro-reform. If these contenders were to be elected, they would on the front row in the fight against dark money and would go an extra mile to ensure the relevant legislation is amended.

Finance experts were, however, doubtful on the achievability of the campaign. The numbers required to pass an amendment seem impossible to obtain. To pass an amendment, over two-thirds of members in both houses must vote for and three-quarters of the states must endorse the correction.

Despite the challenges, the group believed that their efforts would bear fruit and financial reforms in politics would be achieved.

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A New Company Is Developing A Platform To Book Doctor Appointments Online

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Many of us would appreciate being able to book a table at a restaurant we plan on dining out for the night or the weekend through a smartphone application. What if we could book an appointment to the doctor for a checkup or the dentist for a dental procedure? A new startup company from France is looking to make that a reality and so far it has achieved some limited success in its home country.


Doctolib, a French startup company is looking to make doctor bookings via smartphone a new way of scheduling appointments for the medical industry. It seems that the idea has some validity as the new technology startup has recently gotten an investment of over $28 million dollars. Investors include a major French bank, BPI France and private investor, Ludwig Klitzsch. Previous investors such as tech investment firm, ACCEL and private investors Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet and Nicolas Brusson were also part of the latest round of investments as well.


In addition to the recent $28 million dollar investment, Doctolib got funding in the amount of $20 million dollars towards the end of 2015. The firm says that it plans on expanding its operations outside of France and into new markets very shortly. It also plants on hiring some 150 new employees this year. A lot of these new employees are expected to be in the sales department as well as in IT management of the company’s booking app.


What is the customer experience of Doctolib for a customer? As a customer you can browse around various doctors and see what times they have available for an appointment. When you see a time you like, you just select it and confirm your appointment. There are no calls to make. A text message reminder will be sent out to your phone the day before your appointment as well. It is simple, easy, convenient and hassle free.


For doctors, using the service will cost €99 euros or $106.5 dollars per month. There is no need to install any software or update the software ever. You just log onto the program via the internet and manage your appointments and contacts directly through the program. Doctolib lets doctors focus more on seeing patients and less on managing appointments and making followups.


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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plans And Design

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Samsung is working on the new Samsung Galaxy S8. There has been a steady amount of information coming out about the upcoming products from Samsung. Among the pieces of information are whether or not it is going to have a headphone jack and computer port or not. As of right now, it is really unknown the type of features that the Samsung Galaxy phone is going to come with. However, among the things that have been reported is that is going to have an all screen design. Therefore, it is going to be something that people will enjoy more than any other phone.


One thing that could be said for smartphones is that they are some of the most innovative devices of recent times. While they are still phones, they can be used for a ton of other activities. Among these activities are watching videos and listening to music. This is something that is very helpful to the user in that he could keep up with what is going on even on the go. The smartphone could also be used for business related purposes such as running a website. This is one of the reasons that it is important for people to make sure that they have a very reliable device that they can use.


With Samsung Galaxy S8, there are plans to make the most out of computer technology on phones. Among the features that people are going to have is a faster processor. This is very important for people that are going to use their phone for online communications and business purposes. Of course the consumer can expect to have high quality and high definition images. After all, video is going to need a lot of detail.


There are other possibilities of features which include a DeX dock feature which will make the phone more like an android based computer. Samsung has done everything it can to bring forth something that is both safe and reliable.