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Maggie Gill Celebrates Her Career As Her Reputation Grows Further

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Professionalism means many things and one of the most important aspects of protecting a profession is pursuing a field wholeheartedly and with a vision to solve the problems that bar progress among many people in the world. If passion is put before earning, then money and satisfaction will follow automatically at the right moment. This describes the story of Maggie Gill, a healthcare executive whose effort saw the development of her career to rank among the most outstanding professionals in the health sector.


She boasts of having worked with more than one successful companies, and her ideas have helped to shape the health industry to a large extent. Maggie Gill is a great inspiration to those who want to build their careers or to achieve great results in their lives. She has been in the healthcare industry for more than 10 years and every day of her life has been a new discovery and a new opportunity to make change. Of the qualities she possesses, dedication and passion to one’s career are vital for success.


Education and career success

Without the needed knowledge, it would be difficult for a professional to change things or achieve great goals. Maggie Gill is a professional whose effort allowed her to display the skills she possesses and her drive to offer the world better ways of dealing with challenges.


To gain skills as an executive, she joined the Arizona State University and graduated with high honors. This led her to pursue an MBA at Saint Leo University, emerging magna cum laude. Getting the two credentials did not trigger her to settle but she continued to pursue more areas and in the process was able to enroll for strategic thinking and management at Wharton School. With the commitment she put to her career, many companies wanted to have her as part of their team of professionals.


Her career began at Tenet Health System and this is where she also showcased her unique skills to the world. While working at Tenet, she managed to record great results and in effect was awarded three times the Tenet Outstanding CFO. Her service also extended to several other companies including Coral Gables Hospital and Palmetto South Florida Health System. In 2004 when she joined Memorial Health as deputy CEO, she had sufficient experience to work as a top executive. She was picked in 2011 to become the CEO of Memorial Health.


Established Publishing House

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Those in the know probably already realize that the Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher learning establishment with a strong research background, conference background, and publishing background. In fact, the organization is home to the Wessex Journals. The organization is located in Southern England. However, the Wessex Journals are well received across the world.


Wessex Journals

The well established publishing house at Wessex Institute publishes the Wessex Journals, which are available in print or digital format. The Journals are published quarterly or bimonthly. Wessex Institute suggests that people interested in the Journals subscribe. However, subscribing is optional. The Journals are easily downloaded via the website. Today, the organization is responsible for publishing several highly received Journals that are published on a regular basis. Anyone that is interested in learning more about the Wessex Journals should contact them via the website for more information. Visit the website to download a sample of the Journals.

Tech/Tech Companies

Tech Employees Threaten To Quit Their Jobs

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Everyone knew the day was going was going to come, but no one knew when. Well, the time has come. Employees for some of the biggest internet and tech companies have come out against President elect Trump’s position of collecting a database of Muslim Americans. They have threatened to resign en masse if told that this would be their new job.


While this is just starting to play out, we need to be mindful of two facts: One, Donald Trump’s promise to make this database was a campaign promise from 1 or 2 months ago. And two, this new development is a very recent one. It is important to remember that campaign talk is designed to get votes. Once elected, an official may take an entirely different view on things. He will be surrounded by advisers and experts who may tell him that a database of people for this reason is not a good idea. They may tell him that it is. The point being, people should not be basing current actions on past words. Especially words spoken by a candidate who is trying to get elected into a public office.


Computer Tech Employees Quitting?


Another thing to keep in mind is that people are so used to reacting to what a politician says, their typical reaction to anything that Trump says will probably be misplaced. Trump is a businessman, and whether he forsakes the whole of his business life to be president will not change that. His mindset is that of a businessman, so his decisions will stem from that. When he says something like collecting a database on Muslim Americans, people should not react to that as a political move. They need to react to that as a business move, because chances are very good that’s what it is.


So on a business level, how would this database effect America? Answer that question first and try to do it through the eyes of a businessman. Then, if you still feel that the move is still Hitler-like in quality and substance, you can protest intelligently and your voice will most likely be taken seriously. As it stands now though, the protests of the tech employees, while noble in thought, comes across as a 2 month old knee-jerk reaction to something that was said in order to get votes.


Beauty Tips

Curly Hair Care Advice

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Women with straight hair envy women with curly hair because their hair seems beautiful and carefree. They imagine that those with curls simply shampoo and condition their hair. They allow the curls to dry and they are out the door. The fact is that curly hair requires a lot of tender loving care because of its very fragile nature. The curly haired girls complain about hair that is uncontrollable and lacks moisture. This is due to the nature of the hair and shampooing the hair too often. Another important fact to remember is that curly hair requires regular conditioning with a good moisturizer. For example, The Wen hair By Chaz Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is great for curly hair.

The Key To Great Looking Curly Hair

Women with curly hair, complain about getting frizzy hair all the time. They also complain about curls that are difficult to manage. Popular hair stylist like Chaz Dean state that the key to great looking hair is less shampooing and more conditioning. The fact is that the average shampoo found on store shelves is filled with sulfates that dry out the hair and cause the frizzy condition. Curly hair requires a nourishing formula without the harmful sulfates. For example, the Wen by Chaz Cleansing Conditioner is completely free of sulfates. See,

Wen By Chaz

The Wen By Chaz hair cleansing conditioner is a system that is designed to shampoo and condition the hair with one product that is free of harmful sulfates. Women that use this formula are very pleased with the remarkable results. In addition, the product contains several natural ingredients that moisturize and nourish the hair.

The Sephora available product line is a very gentle shampoo and conditioning system that many women like to use on their hair daily. This is good news for women. The even better news is that the cleansing conditioner works wonders with all hair types.

For more info, visit WEN hair care’s social media pages on Twitter and crunchbase.



Making The World Of Finances Work For You With Help From AXA Advisors Vinny Parascandola

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Most people need to work within the world of finance in some way. As soon as people get a job, they typically get asked if they would like to start contributing to a financial savings plan. The financial savings plan is one that is designed to help people save for retirement. Many people also choose to start saving on their own. Putting money in the bank is not enough. People need to be able to invest the funds they earn. This is why many people turn to professionals such as those at AXA Advisors. This firm has many patient and understanding staffers who know they can help any client discover how best to use the funds they save in order to maximize their rate of return and reduce the risk of any losses.

Working Hard For Clients

Senior Vice President Vinny Parascandola is someone who knows that clients turn to this firm hoping they can find the right kind of financial plan for their life. As one of company’s senior officers, he knows that the company has solutions that are just right for many clients. He knows that each client turns to him in order to make sure they are doing the right thing with their money. During the course of his work, he has been heavily involved in many aspects of the company’s operations.

Close Supervision

Parascandola does many things as part of his work at AXA Advisors. His work includes close supervision of many staffers here. He wants to make sure that all those working here share his vision of a company devoted to the needs of their clients in every way. He knows that it is imperative for his staffers to understand the need of their clients in every possible way. This is why he comes to work each day motivated and determined to offer the help that people that can count on to create a financial future so they can retire when they wish. Each day, he races forward to seek out new fiscal solutions and come up with new ideas that he knows will work.

Technology/Tech/Tech Companies/Yahoo

Yahoo Stock Slumps After Hacking Comes to Light

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Yahoo this week announced a hack of their email accounts by an unknown source which resulted in over a billion email accounts being exposed. This hack comes after and in addition to a previously announced e-mail hack which resulted in five hundred million email accounts being exposed. Now, some market observers are predicting that this latest hack will have a billion dollar impact on Yahoo.


The stock market has already reacted dropping $1.4 billion on the news of the hack in which the accounts were exposed. Today alone Yahoo’s stock dropped 6% making it the largest looser in the stock market today.


Yahoo, for some time now, has been considered to be negligent with their security measures protecting their user’s accounts. CEO Marissa Meyers who took over the company focused her attention on other areas of Yahoo’s business since she took over the company and there are reports that when this attack first came to light in 2013 the company brushed it under the rug and moved on with their business. This led to a greater and wider data breech than might have otherwise occurred.


Yahoo is a conglomerate of three separate businesses. One is a partial ownership interest in Alibaba, a Chinese retail company and another is a partial ownership interest in Yahoo Japan, two companies that have experienced a significant amount of success over the years. The remaining business includes Yahoo’s e-mail services and a host of other web sites and services that are currently in the process of being acquired by Verizon for $4.8 billion.


Verizon indicated after the earlier hacking account that full disclosure of the hack was not made public and the company was considering renegotiating the acquisition price. The news of this second, and larger hack, is further resulting in anticipation that the acquisition price will be renegotiated downward. Based on the decrease in the value of Yahoo stock many shareholders are betting that the decrease in the stock price will be $1 billion in value.


Verizon has not commented on the second disclosure of the hack other than indicating that they will continue to evaluate the investigation into the hack. One impact that can lead to Verizon walking away is the potential for significant litigation as a result of these two large hacking events.



White Shark Media Reshaping the Landscape of Digital Marketing

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White Shark Media is one of the fastest expanding digital media agencies in the world. The company, which was founded in 2011, targets small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s rapid growth is the result of their dedication to top quality customer experience. The company also features affordable and customer-friendly search marketing campaigns, which make it highly attractive to clients throughout America and beyond. White Shark’s innovative approaches to online marketing assist entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The company provides a wide array of proprietary tools to give clients increased marketing options. The company follows the progress of its customers’ marketing activities to remain that it remains entirely accountable to each customer. It is such concern for the customers’ satisfaction and success that keeps the flow of solution-seeking clients constant in White Shark Media.

Customers at the company have access to such quality services as Google Analytics integration and proprietary reporting software. This allows for the tracking of their marketing efforts in fine detail. Founded by investors who have excellent skills and marketing experience, White Shark is conquering small and medium-sized business market in the US using the Big Hairy Audacious Goal. So far, the firm has a large presence in the Latin America Market. By sticking to the delivery of unparalleled customer service and products, the media agency has been moving from one level of success to the next. The firm’s highly talented and committed staff has been central to the success story. To further strengthen is the relationship with its client base, the company completely shares the vast information it has accumulated through research and experience with its customers. Therefore, customers can apply practical and foolproof approaches in their businesses rather than trying out previously untested concepts.

The company’s unique approach to marketing, customer service, and expansion strategy were recognized by Google just one year after the firm was founded. The company received an invitation to Google Headquarters in early 2012 as recognition for their rapid growth. Google assigned a team to the company to help them meet their customers’ needs better in the course of their accelerated expansion. In 2014, White Shark received the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership Award, becoming only one of 29 companies to do so. The firm has also been recognized by Microsoft and is part of the online giant’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

White Shark Media continues to provide innovative, affordable and top quality services to its clients. In a Digital Marketing environment that is highly competitive, the company has what it takes to thrive. With its policy of full transparency and easy-to-use services, the company is reshaping the digital marketing landscape.


How Does Omar Boraie Help Develop Better Living Situations For New Jersey Residents?

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There are quite a few small communities in New Jersey in need of better living spaces for their citizens, and everyone in need of a better situations will find hope in Omar Boraie. This article explains how Omar has committed his life to Newark, Atlantic City and New Brunswick. He has done work around the state, and his work has been most-helpful in these three places.

#1: What Is The Purpose Of His Work?

Omar owns a large development company in the state that has been working on development projects large and small. The state is quite old, and it has establishments that are simply not new anymore. Everyone who wishes to live in a better building, work in a better place and keep a higher quality of life will find what they need when they make their way to developments from Omar Boraie and his team.

#2: How Do Businesses Make Their Way To New Jersey?

Omar is willing to call on his business partners for help with each new development. He knows how to bring businesses to the state who move into his developments, and he desires to help those who are looking for a new job, a new home and a new lifestyle. His home state is a place of pride for him, and he believes the state may recover much of the splendor it lost during the real estate crisis.

#3: Planning For New Developments

New developments are planned with help from Omar and the city governments he knows so well. The city government has buildings or areas they wish to change, and there is a belief he may do better work than any other. He takes over the buildings for the benefit of the city, and he builds something that will bring retail, commercial, industrial and residential properties for everyone.

The career of Omar Boraie began with a simple construction company, and it is now a place where development abounds. The cities of Newark, Atlantic City and New Brunswick reap the benefits of his work, and they see new places grow where there was once nothing.


Dr. Clay Siegall & How He’s Changing The Fight Against Cancer

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Did you know that many of the world’s most brilliant individuals are household names? That’s right! Unlike professional athletes or entertainers, these individuals seem to go unnoticed to the much larger mainstream audience even though they’ve done some amazing things to better man-mind. Have you ever heard of Clay Siegall? Well, Dr. Clay Siegall personifies this notion perfectly as he has a resume of success about a mile long, but many people can’t put a face to his name. Dr. Clay Siegall is the (CEO) and President for one of the world’s top Cancer Research Organizations. He’s been in the business for many years and has the knowledge, know-how, expertise, and capabilities to get things done efficiently.


Seattle Genetics is the name of the organization and fighting cancer is the game. This is a Biotech Company that’s is located in Bothell, Washington and it’s one of the area’s largest producers with well over 800 employees/staff. Dr. Clay Siegall has been around since the company’s inception back in 1998 and he’s actually one of it’s founders. His remarkable strategy comes in the form of rigorous research, scientific innovation, and drug development. The companies flagship drug (ADCETRIS) is one of the most successful cancer drugs of all time with over $325 Million in sales. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics have an amazing presence of social media as well. The company keeps individuals up dated on new drug developments, breaking news within the industry, and business events.


Last year the company was visited by Vice President Joe Biden and it was named as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation by Forbes Magazine. Seattle Genetics has far surpassed previous cancer research companies thanks to it’s breakthrough therapies known as antibody drug conjugates. These drugs attack cancer cells by delivering cell killing agents straight into the cancer cell itself. There are already even more advanced drugs in the pipeline so the future for the fight against cancer is in great hands and Dr. Clay Siegall is steering the ship.


Secure Messaging Company Symphony Gets $1 Billion Dollar Valuation

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Symphony, a company founded in 2014 as an alternative to Bloomberg terminals for the finance industry is now valued at over $1 billion dollars. The company was recently valued at about $700 million dollars in March of 2015 when it received over $100 million dollars from investors. It latest round of investments should bring an additional $125 to $200 million dollars for growth and expansion to develop its secure communication platform.


So what is Symphony and why is it a big deal? This small startup has been nicknamed as the Bloomberg Killer. Bloomberg terminals are manufactured and licensed to financial professionals who use the terminals to communicate with other financial professionals, trade stocks and watch financial information such as live stock tickers. These terminals cost tens of thousands of dollars per terminal. If a company wants several of these terminals for communication and trading then it can get pricey. Bloomberg terminals are also known to contain more data than many people needed.


So that is where Symphony was born. It was created as a cheaper and watered down version of the Bloomberg terminal that would save financial companies and traders money. The company allows people in the financial industry to send communications to each other easily and quickly, but most importantly cheaply. The software of Symphony is free to use. Paid subscribers pay only $15 per user each month. As you can see Symphony’s secure messaging system is a hell of a lot cheaper than having to use Bloomberg’s terminals.


Symphony’s software is completely secure and compliant with all financial and cyber security regulations. It is also cloud based. Many professionals have remarked that the fact that is has allowed people from different banks and companies to communicate cheaply, effectively and securely without the Bloomberg terminal is an accomplishment in of itself. Before symphony, communicating with people from other firms was literally a pain in the neck.


With Symphony people from across different companies can now work together and stay in touch with one another. In the future Symphony is planning to take its secure communications technology to another industry. Currently it only serves the financial sector. The company also plans on adding applications to further help its financial client base. It recently added video and voice chat features to its platform. Expect Symphony to make a further dent in Bloomberg’s domination of the financial communication sector.