Instant Apps Are The Newest Kid On The Block Regarding App Profits

With the introduction of the iPhone, the way people use technology has changed significantly. With the iPhone, people are able to do a wide range of tasks with one technology device. This allows people to reduce the number of needed technology devices and simplifies the method used on a daily basis concerning technology.


As the iPhone has become one of the most popular technology innovations in recent memory, other companies have come to the market with similar devices to gather a share of the market profit. In competition with the iPhone, are several big name companies with phones they developed that fall under the market name Android. In addition, iPhones and Androids as a whole are recognized as smartphones.


With all the capabilities that the iPhone and the Android provides to technology users, many people have come to depend on the smartphone for a wide variety of daily uses. One of the most popular features of iPhone and Android phones are the apps that people can use to handle many different tasks.


The availability of the apps depends on the app developers. Some apps are free while other apps have some type of payment requirement. A significant part of the money that comes from smartphones is the money generated from the apps developed for smartphones.


Google has initiated a different approach to the development and marketing of the apps for iPhones and Androids. The new approach is instant apps. The theory behind instant apps is that users can utilize the apps without having to actually have the apps on their phones. Users can use the apps without having to download the apps.


 Google  with the development of instant apps is opening the door to a new approach to app usage. The speculation is wide open to how users will adapt to the availability of instant apps. However, the apps are a way for users to utilize the apps without the need for the apps to be on the users’ phone. This should encourage the use of the instant apps.


Many developers are looking at the possibilities concerning instant apps and how the new style apps will impact the app market for smartphones.



The Word Magnises Means Nothing But The Club Is On Fire In Big Cities According To Founder Billy McFarland

There are a more than 500 people on the waiting list to join a social club called Magnises. Magnises sounds very regal, but the word means absolutely nothing. The word and the club are the brainchildren of a 24-year-old entrepreneur, Billy McFarland. Bill McFarland is a Millennial that sees the big picture. He sees the opportunity to create something special for the generation that some people call strange.

Those people are right. The Millennial generation is strange. That generation is just as strange as the Gen-X and Baby Boomer generations were when they were young and filled with hopes and dreams. Billy McFarland is tapping into the hopes and dreams of Millennials, and he’s good at it.

According to IdeaMensch, Billy McFarland was born in New York City, but he grew up in Short Hills, New Jersey. His parents were successful real estate developers, so Billy got started in the business world when he was 13. By the time he was 20, he was running a successful online ad platform called Spling.

Spling is another one of those words that defy definition. But McFarland did add meaning to the word Spling when he used it to create his company. That’s the way Billy McFarland rolls. He is a full-blooded Millennial, and he creates concepts that other Millennials can enjoy. Magnises is one of those concepts.

Magnises is enriching the lives of Millennials living in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago and San Francisco. More than 12,000 Millennials are card carrying members of the Magnises adventure.

Those members enjoy perks organized by McFarland’s staff. Corporations are lining up to partner with McFarland. Billy has a captive audience that appreciates the finer things in life, and McFarland makes sure he gives them what they want.

Hanging out at McFarland’s West Village townhouse is one of the treats that attracts some members. Sipping champagne and eating trendy finger foods while networking is a rush for New York City members and members that are visiting from other cities. But using the black metal membership card like a credit card is the bomb for other members. The black membership card can be linked to a personal credit or debit card, so it acts and looks like a black American Express card.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to the Memphis-based Contractor

Goettl Air Conditioning Company, a pioneer in services and cooling equipment development in Arizona, has been sold to the Phoenix-based air conditioning and plumbing contractor. Ken Goodrich is the new owner of the company. The Arizona-based firm was bought by Rescue/ARS Rooter, which owns numerous company-based networks of businesses and corporations, which have managed service locations in over 25 states in the United States. The company also has a presence in the District of Columbia. The company works with the management of the American Service Residential Company. T is also based in Memphis, Tenn.

According to ARS, the company will work had to maintain the reputable name of Goettl Air Conditioning Company and the local management team will continue in services even under the new purchasing agreement. The former owners of the company will be welcomed to give advice whenever it is necessary. The company will continue to serve the community under the leadership of President Dan Burke. His current staff will not be laid off their duties. However, they will be retained to extend their services to other parts of the country. The company will also work under the existing headquarters.

The Memphis-based company also has locations in Tucson and Phoenix. For this reason, the acquisition of Goettl Air Conditioning Company will expand their already established presence in the country. According to the ARS officials, they are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration and work with the current management of the company.

There is a new dimension that is brought about by Goettl Air Conditioning Company in the insight of this industry. For this reason, ARS is proud to be part of the working team to foster growth and innovation in the company. The company wants to grow their presence in the state and many other areas of the country through this acquisition. According to Ken Goodrich, this acquisition demonstrates the good work that Goettl Air Conditioning Company has continued to do in the region. They want to extend this work to have an international presence within no time.

While ARS remains on the acquisition binge, they have bought four business units based in other parts of the country within the last four years. According to their officials, they decided to acquire Goettl Air Conditioning Company because of their continued innovation and growth in this marketplace. The Marketing Director of ARS, Elizabeth Young, said that ARS would develop because if the established name of Goettl Air Conditioning Company.

How Wen by Chaz Adds Fullness, Shine and Manageability to Hair

A young woman using Wen by Chaz for the first time decided to share the results she received by posting an article on Bustle. She was looking for a product that would help add body and manageability to her limp hair. In the article the young woman describes how her hair would often become greasy after spending a day traveling around in trains and buses. To help counter these issues she chose to try the fig version of the Wen cleansing conditioner.

Not only does the young woman’s article indicate how different her hair felt after the first use, but it also states how her hair looked full and shiny every time she used the product. On the days she was not able to wash her hair it did revert back to its greasy state, which was quickly remedied once she had the opportunity to wash it with Wen.

Something for Everyone

Wen by Chaz works at resolving the issues most people have with their hair, because it contains botanical extracts. Each variety contains its own unique blend of plant extracts to repair and restore damaged hair. In addition to getting rid of the greasy or oily look some people experience with their hair, the products in the Wen hair care product line can also add moisture to dry or over processed hair.

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Created by hair stylist Chaz Dean, this line of products was specifically designed to make hair healthier. As someone who started his career as a photographer, Mr. Dean understood the importance of making hair look good from the inside out. Not only do the special ingredients found in each Wen bottle work to make hair shinier, fuller and more manageable, but they also help repair the damage caused by pollution and styling products. The variety of products available from Wen work equally well on both permed or color treated hair.

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Edward Snowden Calling For Tech Companies To Ensure Privacy

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden had an interview with StartPage where he spoke about the outcome of the 2016 election and Donald Trump becoming president. He also addressed concerns with privacy in the new administration. Snowden said we should not put too much trust in elected officials.


“We’re never farther than an election away from a change in leader, from a change in policy, a change in the way the powers we have constructed into a system are used. So, what we need to think about now is not how do we defend against a president Donald Trump, but how do we protect the rights of everyone, everywhere, without regard to jurisdictions, without regard to borders?” Snowden said.

Snowden’s tone changed to concern when discussing technology companies like Google and Facebook, who record your data forever. “Everything you type into that Google prompt is being saved forever,” said Snowden.


Snowden called on the industry leaders to end data collecting prior to Donald Trump’s swearing in. Snowden and other anti-surveillance supporters believe Donald Trump will increase law enforcement and surveillance. Snowden also said he was not worried about Russian President Vladimir Putin turning him over to the United States as a political favor to Donald Trump. Putin has labeled Snowden as a human rights defender and Russia does not extradite human rights defenders.


During his talk, Snowden advocated for more encryption and other cybersecurity measures to become key as the internet continues to grow. He also called upon people to become more politically active when it comes to privacy issues. Snowden barely got into talking about the 2016 election results but did manage to attack Donald Trump.

During Snowden’s chat, he continued to deny working with any foreign government or intelligence agency. Snowden shared his concern about a Donald Trump presidency but said he was optimistic that the U.S. will survive, and that we only have to worry about today and not what happens tomorrow or the next day. Snowden’s conversation lasted almost an hour.




A Model of Tax Transparency

New Zealand has been widely publicized for its track record in tax transparency. While the first impression one gets of New Zealand makes it sound like a utopia, there is more to the matter than meets the eye.


The first thing worth noting is that OECD has not listed New Zealand as a tax haven. Furthermore, it is likely that it will ever feature on the list of tax havens. The striking feature of tax havens is that they either do not impose taxes or impose minimal taxes. The other features include the lack of tax transparency, and procedures or laws that prevent the exchange of data with foreign governments. New Zealand does not satisfy any of these grounds. Moreover, NZ does not have a secretive banking industry.


The 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchanging Information Regarding Tax Issues is the basic standard on tax transparency. The agreement calls for the global exchange of information to allow for the enforcement or administration of domestic taxation laws. One of the countries to be featured on OECD’s white list was none other than New Zealand. NZ gained a booking on this list for implementing the internationally approved tax standard.

One of the ways New Zealand has proven itself in tax transparency is in the way it handles the requirements of trustees and foreign trusts. Their mode of operation in this areas helps other governments that require tax information.


Michael Cullen implemented the new tax rules in New Zealand in 2006 after consulting widely with other stakeholders. According to Cullen’s system, a NZ resident trustee who has a foreign trust should submit a IR607 or Foreign Trust Disclosure form and other relevant information for New Zealand tax purposes. Some of the records required include information about the trust’s liabilities and assets, distributions and settlements, trust deed, and money received and spent by the trustee. If the trust involves a business, the trustee should maintain records on the codes of account, charts, and accounting system.


About Geoff Cone


Geoff Cone is a principal in Marshall Cone, and a tax attorney who is among New Zealand’s experienced offshore tax gurus. Cone has on numerous occasions defended New Zealand’s foreign trusts track record and is quoted in a newspaper article describing New Zealand as a model when it comes to foreign trust transparency.


Geoffrey Cone is a graduate of the University of Otago, New Zealand where he attained LLB honors and a diploma in trust and tax law. He started practicing in Auckland in 1980 before moving on to Christchurch as a partner of a renowned law firm. After practicing in the West Indies for two years, Cone returned to Auckland in 1997 and established his own practice two years later. Cone Marshall Limited is the only firm in New Zealand that specializes in tax planning and international trust, and provides trust and trustee management services via its affiliated companies.

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The OSI Group Is Successful Embracing The Road Of Expansion

Sheldon Lavin is a seasoned and adventurous businessman that hold the title of entrepreneur. He founded and launched his financial consulting firm. He carved a successful career in banking industry making investments and holding executive positions. He did a complete 360-degree turn and left the financial industry to enter the processed food industry.

In the 1970’s he brought his knowledge of financing to Otto & Sons meat processing plant that served the McDonalds burger empire. The road of expansion is a goal of entrepreneurs and Sheldon was ready to turn the company into the largest processed food manufacturer worldwide.

His strategic financial planning and ideas for expansion were forming and he needed more leverage in the company.

Sheldon became a partner with Otto & Sons when the father retired. The company’s name was later changed to the OSI Group. He gained the one hundred percent control he needed through a partner’s’ retirement and the other partner selling his portion of the company.

The expansion into Europe and across North America began in the seventies and through the eighties and included South America and Taiwan. The countries of Australia, China, India, Japan, Philippines, were added later.

The OSI Group has grown leaps and bounds in the more than forty-three years with Sheldon Lavin at the helm. The OSI International has its own holding company for their international investments.

Now the OSI Group, LLC has added OSI Industries, LLC and OSI International Foods, LLC in the United States.

Expansion coupled with success is part of Sheldon Lavin’s goals for operating a business. He has a remarkable record with the OSI Group. The first part of the reason the OSI Group acquired the European Baho Food Company in 2016 is their outstanding reputation in the industry. The second part is Baho Foods has a foothold in eighteen countries in Europe. The Baho Food company accomplished their expansion by having two plants in Europe and five subsidiaries. The companies have more than sixty years of operating to make their brand successful.

The OSI Group decided to utilize the executives’ experience, intelligence and the fact they know the type of European market they serve and their positions are secure. positions. The companies are working together to introduce new products including catering services.

The OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. When a client needs finance, marketing or sales assistance the OSI Group can provide those and other services.

The OSI Group has made the prestigious list of the Top 100 Food & Beverages in the United States and the Forbes list as  one of the Largest American Companies.

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Malini Saba’s Heart For Giving

There are a lot of people who pursue some kind of goal. A lot of people are content with just working a regular job and keeping a roof over their heads. Then there are people like Malini Saba who want to make sure that they get ahead and build their own business so that they can be a better parent and provide a lot of resources for people. Malini is someone who has moved forward because she had a vision. She has fought for her vision even with all of the opposition she has faced. She stayed true to her convictions and did not let anyone make her give up. Her business has become successful. She has used the success of her business in order to put together some other ventures that are designed to help others.


A lot of people also have the desire to help others who are less fortunate than they are. However, this could be something that is very intimidating to them because they don’t believe in the ability to make a difference. This is one thing that people who are less fortunate need, belief. Often times, they don’t even believe in themselves. Fortunately, there are people like Malini Saba who want to make sure that they provide the opportunity needed for them to succeed in something positive.


Malini Saba is an investor who is very interested in bringing forth some assistance to women and children throughout the world who are faced with some obstacles. She has compassion for those that are in harder circumstances. One thing that she has done was use wisdom in how she is going to move forward. She has taken the time to establish a foundation that is meant to help women and children. Malini herself has started out with nothing. She lived with a boyfriend and they were both poor. However, she has taken the time to use what she had to learn all that she can about the market. She has worked very hard towards her goals and she is now giving a lot to many people. She has given a lot more than she could ever have hoped.


Every Women’s Lifestyle deserves Fabletics

Many women have heard of Fabletics, whether a workout enthusiast, yoga goddess or just someone who loves adorable lounge wear this brand is for you. Fabletics is an online subscription retailer that sells athletic clothing and accessories to women. You take a short lifestyle quiz and Fabletics personalizes a selection of outfits for you. Fabletics was founded in 2013 by Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler and Kate Hudson. Kate Hudsonhas quickly become the face behind Fabletics appearing in many of their television advertisements. Just recently they expanded into men’s athletic wear and women’s swim suits and dresses. Fabletics is working on expanding their empire by taking the clothing to brick and mortar stores. They are estimated to open 75-100 more stores within the next 5 years.

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You have probable seen on of the many commercials Fabletics has out featuring Kate Hudson alongside other women. They show them in a yoga studio, hiking, swimming or just living life. Fabletics has been sure to stress that they are selling cute active wear women will love. You can see this with the bold colors and fun prints they tend to use. In one commercial you see Kate pushing a tire, swinging ropes, and running with a parachute all done in Fabletics active wear. At the end of the commercial Kate asks “can we just say Fabletics is cute styles girls are going to love” which is exactly what this company is going for. In another commercial Kate tells us about some of her favorite pieces and states that it is cute, affordable clothing. Fabletics has done a wonderful job advertising to women who really want that pulled together active wear look without breaking the bank. They end each commercial stating you’re your first outfit is only $25.00 which is great way to get people to sign up for subscriptions.

Not only does Fabletics have great commercials but they have also mastered the power of social media. You can find they have their own blog, posts on Twitter, as well as Facebook. When looking at their Facebook site you will see them post several different outfits a day each on someone who is using that outfit for a different occasion on Not only do they post photos of their outfits but they are sure to include links for great workouts. This is a great way for buyers to feel as though they are part of a whole experience.


Crowdsourcing Could Help Businesses Develop New And Better Technology

Crowdsourcing could hold the key to better and faster technological developments all across the business world. Tech experts believe that the health, pharmacology, advertising, marketing, traffic, transit, agriculture and cyber security industries and fields could benefit from crowdsourced collaboration. Here is how it works and why it can be so beneficial.


Netflix, the movie streaming company, made waves when it announced it would give a prize to anybody or any group that could upgrade its Cinematch technology. This was the technology that recommended users new movies and films based on their previous views and browsing history. The Netflix prize turned out to be a success. The result was an improved algorithm for Cinematch. Netflix benefited and the consumer of Netflix also benefited from better and more personalized recommendations.


Other companies can also benefit from crowdsourcing on projects or on improvements. You can crowdsource on more than entertainment or marketing. A pharmaceutical company called Merck tried crowdsourcing to help improve its drug offerings and make existing ones better. It shared information on molecules and asked the public to identify substances that can make their drugs better and more effective. It proved fruitful and showed the collaboration through crowdsourcing can be used to obtain impressive results even in pharmacology and healthcare.


Cybersecurity is another sector that can see tremendous improvements if major crowdsourcing takes place. Think about it. New threats are constantly appearing. What better way to find out about new threats and how to deal with them then by collaborating with as many people as possible. Then, take the best or most effective solution and implement it. If you see new challenges or threats, then you find ways to deal with it.


Digital security can also see a boost by crowdsourced projects. It involves encryption for paying with credit cards and monitoring for fraudulent purchases made via credit or debit cards. If better programs can be made, then why not try it out? Crowdsourcing can potentially solve the problem of valid transactions being flagged as fraud and help companies better flag suspicious activity. Combine crowdsourced projects with machine learning and digital security can really improve.


Transportation applications can use crowdsourcing to get better input on how to improve or build upon existing applications such as Google maps and Waze. It can lead to more accurate forecasts in traffic and how to better avoid them. Even traffic engineers can use crowdsourcing to better manage traffic flow.