Hager Pacific Properties Managing Partner Adam Milstein is as known for his philanthropy and support of his native Israel as he is for his tremendous success in the business world. He is a well-respected leader in the Israeli-American community and frequently contributes articles to the Jewish News Syndicate. Adam Milstein recently opened up in an article on JNS about some concerning and unlikely alliances that have been cropping up over recent decades in Europe and North America that are unfortunately fanning the flames of anti-Semitism.

While anti-semitic ideology has long been something that is associated with the radical right, there is an alarming amount of similar sentiment that is starting to crop up in the radical left now as well. Radical Islam has also been a typical hotbed for anti-semitic sentiment. The interesting and disturbing development that seems to be occurring now is that these three typically adversarial ideologies are starting to espouse many of the same ideas in regard to this anti-semitic thought. The alliances that have been solidifying between radical Islam and radical leftists in Europe seem to be reaching the North American arena now, which is a particularly troubling turn of events. The strangest aspect of this new partnership is the fact that these are two ideologies that should be utterly opposed to one another. Adam Milstein, among others, has suggested that these alliances might be more out of convenience since both sides have a mutual disdain for the culture of the west. The fact that the left is now willing to turn a blind eye to the bigoted behavior seen in radical Islam is puzzling unless it is seen through a lens of mutual hatred of a common enemy. As Adam Milstein has pointed out, individuals like Linda Sarsour are perfect examples of this strange alliance materializing before our eyes. The radical left is now siding more and more with their new Muslim allies in attacks against the State of Israel as well, often times falsely depicting it as a white supremacist regime. Perhaps most concerning of all is that this sentiment seems to be rampant on college campuses as young adults are indoctrinated into these racist and ideological ways of thinking