Aloha Construction won the 2017 BBB Torch award for Marketplace Ethics. For those of you who do not know what this is, I will give a little background. It began in 1996, and is given to companies who demonstrate great ethics, support their communities, and are very nice to both their customers and their employees. It is not an insignificant achievement, as their are six criteria that must be met just to qualify, and from there it is narrowed down to the companies that the panel of fifteen judges feel are most worthy.

Aloha Construction is a family owned company started by David Farbaky. They have two locations, one in Bloomington, IL, and their headquarters which is in Lake Zurich IL. They have been doing good work that they stand behind since their inception. They are also a very ethical company who tries to have a positive impact on their employees, their customers, and their community. They contribute a lot of money toward many important causes to help those in need, especially within their community. They made a charitable branch called the David Farbaky Foundation which tries to help the less fortunate. They also contribute money to help with sports programs, to help children’s organizations, and to help children with cancer. Because of all of those things, Aloha Construction was awarded one of the nine 2017 BBB Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics.

Having started humbly as just a local roofing and siding contractor, Aloha Construction has aspired to be much more and has achieved doing so. By now they have grown to offer many other services, such as mold removal, fire damage restoration, water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, and interior remodeling services. With this award, they have begun to get more universal recognition for the great work that they do in business, and in their community, and the care that they show for their employees, their customers, and anyone else who interacts with them. Hopefully they will continue to be a role model company, and be recognized for doing so by more than just the people in their immediate area.