Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are the founders of the Chainsmokers. They met while in college where they combined their interests in DJing Taggart says that he loved electronic music way before other people of his age. By the time Taggart was joining the university, he had grown interested in this music, and even his lifestyle was typically that of an electronic music artist. He used to wear V-necks and listen to dance music, something his age mates found odd.

Andrew Taggart then dived into music production. He made an entry into the production scene while at the same time doing DJing. Although he never did it a lot while in college, the little he did encouraged him to not give up on his dreams. He wanted to be a successful DJ and had his life planned for the whole thing after school.

While in the music scene, he met Alex Pall, with whom they now have formed an incredibly good DJ duo. From the first day they met, Alex and Andrew hit the ground rolling. They started working together immediately, and the rest is what we see today.

Alex Pall and Andrew attribute their success to the passion they had for music. By the time of their meeting, each one knew what they wanted to achieve. It was not hard to combine the dreams they had and built one brand that they would sell to the world.

They helped each other to learn about what was happening in the music scene. Andrew and Alex would analyze who was on top and what they were doing as well as what was not working in the industry.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall worked together. They were always together when going out for the gigs. They knew they had a lot to learn in the industry before they could create a name. They were however determined to go the whole journey until they were successful. Today, the Chainsmokers are a popular music group around the world and who are performing in shows attended by thousands of people. They are not only playing electronic beats but also making beats combined with voices.