Apple was a bit late in releasing their version of the home assistant and music player. Google and Amazon released a home assistant that received very positive reviews. The Apple Home Pod was not expected to receive a lot of attention. However, Apple’s Home Pod is a big hit with Apple fans. The new edition to the Apple family has received very positive reviews although it lacks the same functionality as the competitors. Still, Apple fans don’t seem to mind the lack of functionality because the new Apple Home Pod has sold out on the Apple Website.

Digital Personal Home Assistants
Digital personal home assistants and speakers like the Apple Home Pod are gaining great popularity across the country. This new technology is taking over the digital world. This is exactly the reason that the Apple Home Pod sold out so quickly. Now, reports surfaced that consumers are experiencing trouble finding the device at local Apple stores too. Insiders state that it is to soon to tell if the quantity available is simply too small to meet demand or it’s a matter of an overwhelming demand that the company did not predict.

Limited Quantities
Often, a company will claim that the quantity of a product is limited to develop more interest or demand for the product and attract more consumer attention. This is a shady marketing tactic used by some unscrupulous marketers. However, the deal with Apple is different. Insiders state that the problem is solely on the shoulders of Apple. The company delayed release of the Apple Home Pod to fix a few bugs in the hardware system. Certainly, the time delay affected the company’s ability to produce enough quantities of the product to meet demand.

Pricey Product
It is safe to say that the Apple Home Pod is a very pricey product, costing well over $300 dollars. The competition released speakers and their smart home digital assistants at much lower price. Still, Apple stands behind their pricey product and claims it is the best on the market.