Ava is a famous Swiss fertility company that finally allows women to understand their bodies in every aspect including how to track their menses and watch out for their safe days by wearing a simple yet advanced bracelet. The company just announced a fundraiser of about $30 million in a project that is supposed to create a medical device in the form of a bracelet. Apparently, this device is here to measure the physiological functions of a woman’s body alongside indicating when a woman is more fertile and ready for conception or when she is in her menstrual cycle. First announced in a workshop attended by women seeking to garner more information on their fertility and health, this project managed by Ava has attracted many high-profile investors from different fields including btov as well as SVC. Moreover, the firm has instigated a plan to expand the use of the product in order to help women that are undoubtedly trying to have babies.


The Background Information


According to Pascal Koenig, the chief executive officer of Ava, the company has been receiving remarkable clients. Of course, these clients would like to understand their bodies. Besides, they would want to comprehend their fertility. As a result, the focus of the project is on heightening the firm’s progress by investing in the right contraceptive that would work for different women and their needs.


Benefits of Using the Ava Bracelet


Besides, the Ava bracelet will help clients understand how their health is impacted every time they go through their monthly menses. Other than that, it has a symptom tracking feature that comes in a graph that analyses the actual side effects of a menses.


Additional Information


Even after your pregnancy, Ava will still extend its hands towards helping you with your parenting. For instance, the company has a new app with details regarding your sleeping patterns, physiological stress as well as your resting pulse rate. Over and above, the app helps clients to compare their weight gain against standard recommendations.


The Outline


Therefore, if you are trying to conceive, the Ava bracelet could be what you are looking for because it is not only more comfortable to use but also helps you with accuracy measures.