It’s amazing the number of people that do not realize that Facebook applications are secretly invading their privacy and amassing tons of private information about their online and offline habits. The fact is that the Cambridge Analytica data breach on Facebook was only the tip of the iceberg. This organization secretly acquired the records of millions of Facebook users and used this data for their own secret gains. Now, Facebook users realize the vulnerability of their private information on the site and would like to know the best way to protect their privacy.

It’s All In The Settings
Perhaps, you’ve noticed the settings on Facebook are a bit confusing for the average user. The fact is that the Facebook user has to navigate their way through a maze of settings to protect their own privacy. Facebook actually made it more difficult for some applications to steal the users information by changing the game on them. Did you know that at one time the applications on Facebook could ask for permission to access your personal information on the platform along with all your friends and family? Today, applications are only able to access information from direct users of their various applications on Facebook.

Check Your Settings
It’s amazing the number of people that do not take the time to actually check their settings on Facebook. Checking the settings will give you details about applications that can steal your private information. Of course, start by going to Facebook and check the settings for a list of the applications. Remove authorization from any of the applications that you do not recognize or would like to remove from having any access to your data.

Harvesting Your Information
Giving innocent looking applications on Facebook authorization is allowing them to harvest a wealth of personal information about your activities and much more. For example, information about your online surfing habits, friends, family, interest, political views, religious views, are easily harvested through authorization.