Cassio Audi is a Brazilian national who is a former musician and is best known for his metal rock music in the 1980s. Before his exit in the music scene Cassio Audi left a legacy in the rock music genre that is still played even today. Now in senior management in the finance sector, Cassio Audi left the music industry in 1989 after participating in the creation of two albums with his band. Moreover, Cassio Audi first came to the limelight after he formed a band with four other musicians who were about the same age as teenagers in 1985.

How the Viper Group came about

The five members formed a team that was called Viper Band where Cassio Audi took the role of a drummer. He and his team were very talented musicians and focused on making it big in the music industry which is why they travelled to Sao Paulo to meet an experienced music producer during that time. He operated a programme that was known as the Praca do Rock and helped the Viper Band access an SP Project that later turned successful as they were able to showcase their talent in the concert.

Furthermore, the band who drew their inspirations from the British metal rock music of Iron Maiden recorded their first demo album in 1985. Their demo album took Brazil by storm as it became a hit where it went by the title “Killera Sword”. Notably, it was mainly through the unique drum beats that were raised by Cassio Audi that sent the crowds electrified by the music. He was a legendary drummer in his short career as a member of the Viper Band to a point that he became the fan’s favorite music artist during his time. To know more about him click here.

The group performed countless events that were attended by thousands of rock lovers from all over Brazil to experience the massive sounds that emanated from their music. Also, this helped the band to gain the spotlight as they were able to cross borders after recording some of their music in English. Equally important, after their first release of a demo album, Cassio Audi together with his team released their first official album in 1987 that was known as “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Nevertheless, even though gifted in music including in the song writing art, Cassio Audi left to pursue his education in 1989.