Dick DeVos loves flying, and he loves his hometown of Grand Rapids Michigan. In his unique way, he has combined these concerns and has advanced flight safety, charter schools, the Ford International Airport, and an academy where your people of all economic levels can learn to fly.


– Air Travel Leadership

Dick DeVos joined his wife, the Secretary of Education, as federal appointee when he accepted a nomination to the Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Board. In this Advisory capacity, he will join a group of aviation industry experts to help develop policy and innovations for air travel in the US and abroad.


-Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos has earned a reputation as a fierce advocate for school choice and charter schools both in Michigan and across the US. Dick DeVos supported those efforts and advanced them in his political work in Michigan and elsewhere in the US. As described more fully below, he combined his love of flying into a creation of his own- a charter school that features air pilot instruction.


-Refining the Ford Airport

DeVos helped turnaround the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Mr. DeVos led a group of local business leaders to work with Southwest Airlines to substantially increase the numbers of flights in and out of Ford International. The increase in flights caused a favorable increase in ridership, and consumers also got lower fares. Ford International now ranks among the ten busiest airports in the Great Lakes Region. Amway was a name sponsor of the renovation of Ford International by contributing eight million dollars as part of about $20 million in private support for the improvement project.


-Letting the Kids Fly

The West Michigan Aviation Academy was Dick DeVos’ inspiration; he believed that flight education was a ladder upward. Betsy DeVos also supported it with her charter school expertise. Dick DeVos is a pilot, and his enthusiasm for flying inspired the creation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school started with about 80 students at a location at old Ford International Airport; they now enroll about 600 students. While offering quality education, families of all races and economic levels could also choose flight education.


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