Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) is a patient-centered cancer care that was founded in 1988. It is dedicated to personalizing an amalgamation of cancer treatments to each patient’s needs. CTCA uses cutting-edge technologies and other leading options to treat cancer while their cancer experts provide supportive therapies to patients who are experiencing cancer-related side effects such as nausea, pain, fatigue, among others.

CTCA uses an integrative approach to enable patients to uphold their stamina, strength, and standard of life, which is important for their treatment process. The environment in CTCA is serene and welcoming, and patients and caregivers are open to receive comprehensive cancer care and empowerment, from the dedicated cancer experts, so as to make informed decisions.

CTCA has partnered with WebMD to provide helpful information to patients and their families, to help them maneuver through the cancer experience.

Understanding Cancer

While our bodies are composed of millions of cells useful for every body function, some cells get broken and forming abnormalities that lead to destructive cellular behavior, which may result in cancer formation. According to CTCA’s Oncologist Shayma Master Kazmi, MD, normal body cells are always in coordination with the entire body and always operate in their places, but this is not the case with the cancer cells. If it’s for the case of growth, normal cells know their growth limit, while the cancer cells grow boundlessly. They don’t die after fulfilling their purpose, unlike the normal body cells, which die after mutation.

Some mutations are important drivers, which can be used to determine the traits of cancer in regard to growth, development and spreading factor. Precision cancer treatment is, therefore, aimed to decipher how a certain cancer is formed and cancel out its life-giving behaviors. It is a new model using a more personalized approach, being used by CTCA and other cancer centers to treat cancer.

Precision cancer treatment focuses on three important areas which are:

  • Advanced genomic testing- for identifying cancer cells specific mutations.
  • Targeted therapies- a science for some cancer types, that use drugs to identify specific genes which are unique to cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy- therapies using the immune system of the body to battle cancer cells. His facebook page