Cassio Audi is a Brazilian who is one of the pioneers of the heavy rock music drumming that is there even today. The legendary rock drummer started out in the 1980s when he formed a band with four of his friends that became a hit in the region. Cassio conducted his role so seriously that he eventually earned recognition and became the favourite to their fans. The band drew their inspirations from the English Heavy Metal Music band of Iron Maiden. What’s more, by 1985, the band had grown exponentially and made its presence in the music scene.

Highlights of Cassio Audi’s Music Career

Cassio Audi played a significant role in propelling the band into the limelight by his prowess in handling the drum set. The rock band which was known as the ‘Viper Rock Music Band’ stirred up the rock music lovers in awe for its’ quality music. Moreover, Cassio also helped the band compose some of the songs and even wrote one of the songs in the first album. The band’s debut was a demo album which was named ‘the Killera Sword’ which was a classic that it got to be played on radio earning the band more credit. Further, the band released its first album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987 and had some of the songs from the demo album in it.

Notably, it was Cassio Audi’s proficiency with the drums that brought a disruptive, unpredictable, and immense sound that eventually captured the attention of rock music industry. The Brazilian based band also composed songs in English apart from Portuguese, a factor that led their music to spread more in the world. Some of the incredible tracks in the Soldiers of Sunrise album included Nightmare, the Killera Sword, and Princes from Hell. Nevertheless, Cassio left his early music career in 1989 when he decided to explore other professions.