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Google Invests $300M in New Google News Initiative to Combat Fake News

With journalistic standards suffering due to new digital trends, Google has decided to give journalists a helping hand with a $300 million investment in a new innovative news program. According to Chief Business…

Google Announces Holes in Microsoft Products

On Wednesday, Google announced that Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS has a security flaw. The bug allows restricted users using Windows 10 to access administrative privileges, potentially allowing them to make important system changes….

Google Cleaned the Play Store in 2017

Google Cleaned the Play Store in 2017 Google Play functions as a digital distribution service, and serves as the app store for the Android OS. In 2017, Google made a big change to…

Google Now Predicts Airline Delays Before The Airlines Do

Google has begun rolling out features that will predict flight delays. The search engine giant will base its information on historical data, as well as via their machine learning algorithms. The delays will…