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Opinion: Satya Nadella Saved Microsoft

Microsoft is more profitable than ever. The Verge is reporting that they’re now valued at $753 billion, beating Alphabet (Google’s parent company) by $14 billion. It’s impressive stuff, and as someone who had…

Microsoft moves past Google parent company Alphabet in market valuation for first time in 3 years

The race to become the first trillion dollar company continues between tech giants Microsoft and Alphabet. While the parent company of Google had been on top for the past three years, Bill Gates…

Not All Bodies are Designed Equally, So Why Every Device?: X-Box’s New Controller Highlights Adaptivity and Utility, Instead of Utilitarianism

When X-Box’s original controller was released in 2001, a going joke was that the controller was simply not fit for the average person’s hands, let alone the teenage crowd that most typifies gamers….

Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2 Drops the Built-in Camera but Adds Cool New Features

You probably don’t know much about Microsoft’s Surface Hub, and you wouldn’t even be criticized if you didn’t know what it was. It was introduced just a few years ago to offer businesses…