Investing in the markets is very important for anyone that is looking to build long-term wealth. While most people know that they need to invest, many do not know where to begin when they are ready to start making their money to work. Fortunately, there are several tips that can be followed that can help anyone to build a great portfolio.

One piece of advice that is provided is to not get hung up on rumors. One of the biggest items that can change the value of a stock are rumors. Rumors typically include rumors about takeovers, changes in management, and financial performance (Discogs). While these rumors can be true at times, the majority of them do not pan out. This means that people who buy on rumors will end up losing a lot of value when they do not come true.

Just like Chris Linkas’ advice, another tip to follow is to never simply ignore your stocks forever. Many people like to invest in blue-chip stocks and hold for a long time while collecting dividends. While this can be a great strategy to earn some income and minimize taxes through lower capital gains, it can be a negative strategy if you ignore the stocks for too long. When you own a stock, you need to continue to stay on top of the performance of it. If you notice that it is trending in the wrong direction, it could be an indication to sell. On the other hand, if performance appears to be trending upwards, it could be a good sign that you should end up buying more of it.

One person that has continued to provide very valuable investment advice and services is Chris Linkas. For more than 15 years, Chris Linkas has been in the investments industry. He has a proven track record of providing a great investment return while also building for the future.