Those in the tech industry are very aware of all the rumors that are making the rounds concerning Dell. Are the Dell rumors true? Well, the fact is that a lot of the Dell insiders are remaining mute on the subject, while others speculate about the controversial moves that Dell are supposedly set to take to solve the rising debt problem that the company is facing. Now, it is rumored that the company is thinking about reorganizing. They’ve decided that this is the only way to handle all the debt that was acquired after buying EMC back in 2015.

Handling Debt
Actually, there are several ways for Dell to handle the rising debt that is overwhelming the company. For example, Dell might decide to go public. Dell might also decide to buy VMware. There is also a more controversial approach to handling the debt. VMware could decide to purchase Dell. Dell is remaining mute and is not releasing any information about their plans. However, Dell insiders have their own point of view. Dell insiders state that the company is actually taking a hard look at all the options available, but have not reached a final decision.

Growing Debt
The once very powerful and profitable company has seen better days. Their troubles began with the EMC merger. The company is in $46 million dollars of debt. Add the interest payments that go along with the date and the company owes billions in interest. Insiders state that Dell also is taking a second look at all the tax options that are also available to the company that has seen much brighter days.

The EMC Move
Many insiders are wondering what was the logic behind Dell deciding to purchase EMC. Many insiders thought that this move was very controversial and foolish. However, Larry Ellison, the Oracle chairman stated that he thought the move was a brilliant idea. Still, it is important to note that all the news about Dells next moves are rumors. The only way to learn about their next move is to stay tuned and watch.