David McDonald is the present President of OSI Group and his leadership has steered the food company to international standards. McDonald is a man who was interested in agriculture activities from an early age. He grew up in a humble farm in Iowa and worked in their family farm, thereby cultivating his knowledge in the field. It is not by accident that years later he would head a globally successful company in the name of OSI Group. His passion for agriculture remained alive throughout his youthful days, thanks to his supportive parents and it was more of a routine that he studied animal science at Iowa State University.

Joining OSI

David McDonald joined OSI after his studies in the year 1991. He says that when he joined the company he found a tradition of putting the customer’s needs first and going beyond the expected routine to meet their demands. These are the principles that, thirty years later he has managed to build the company’s global success on. At the start of his career, McDonald started as a humble employee and his determination, hard work, and passion for his job took him to the highest managerial ranks as President and Chief Operations Officer. David says the company remains hungry for success and has a high appetite for global expansion.

Success at OSI

Under the leadership of David McDonald OSI, has made a number of well-calculated acquisitions which have seen their international command be on the rise. OSI group acquired Baho Food in 2016 in a bid to concentrate their command of the massive market in Europe. David lauded the acquisition saying that purchasing Baho Foods was a bold investment in line with the high demand of the company’s products in the region. He says that the company’s goal is to be a leading global food company. Currently, OSI is on the global map with a commanding presence in more than seventeen countries, boosting of fifty plus facilities. This is including China which is a huge market for poultry products.

According to McDonald, the company enjoys massive success because of their dedication to their customers and also because of their ability to change to suit new dimensions in the market. David says that customer behavior changes frequently and at OSI they are able to adjust fast and satisfy the needs. He attributes this to the fact that they are privately owned and therefore have more allowance to make changes while on the go. He also commends the company’s tradition to keep a humble attitude even in the wake of enormous success.

More about David McDonald

He is the current Chief Operating Officer at OSI Group, LLC. Additionally, he serves at North American Meat Institute where he chairs the board. Previously he was the Project Manager of OSI Industries. David has served as an independent director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A for the last ten years.

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