David McDonald is one of the most famous people in the entire world. He has been the president of the famous OSI Group for more than three decades. The company is a global food provider, which associates with various international brands. Its vision is to deliver quality products to customers in a fast and efficient manner.

David Mcdonald OSI Group is highly active in Agricultural Entrepreneurship initiative. He has proven to have an interest in utilizing resources to change the Iowa State for the better. In the year 2011, David was one of those who organized the travel to the OSI facilities based in China by some students. Besides employing one of the students who visited the facility, OSI Group opened up several future internship opportunities.David Mcdonald OSI Group supports his fraternity by the name Alpha Gamma Rho, via scholarship funding. He also played an important role when Iowa State’s AGR house was being constructed. He spends a good percentage of his time at the famous St. Michael Parish in Wheaton. Also, he holds an important position at the American Meat Institute.David has always been interested in agriculture and biology. This is why he chose to specialize in Animal Science during his undergraduate studies. The knowledge in his area of specialization gave him the ability and energy to start the business. The company became profitable during its early stages. OSI Group is able to attract customers as well as staff because it offers high-quality products. According to David Mcdonald OSI Group, they view their customers like family. They ensure their products are good for personal use.

More about David Mcdonald

David Mcdonald OSI Group was born and raised in Iowa. He has a wife called Malinda and six children. He attended Iowa State University where he specialized in Animal Science during his undergraduate studies. He has ever been recognized with the popular Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. He started the OSI Group as the company’s project manager. By then, he was the chairman of the popular North American Meat Institute. Later, he rose to the current position of being the company’s president. David McDonald: From Iowa Farm to a Global Leadership Position

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