Merging cryptocurrency blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence, builds crowd based smart software solutions.

The company’s latest venture pays humans to teach its software applications how to be intelligent.

While other platforms exist to secure talent resources to perform simple skills for pay many suffer from issues that make them unattractive options. For instannce,’s Mechanical Turk can cost as much as ten times the amount of the solutions implemented by Dbrain.

The company found that other alternatives such as data work farms in India as well as domestically create issues with transferring party to third parties. Trying to provide the expertise in-house would require hiring upwards of 100 employees, proving to be cost prohibitive and introducing undesirable delays.

To solve these issues, Dbrain implemented its first of its kind worker solution.

Dbrain builds upon the ethereum block chain, adding its own proprietary software functionalities. Micro tasks are made available to workers whose efforts are then evaluated by other workers within the crypto eco-community creating a “subjective proof of crowdwork” stake that is used to issue payment.

Cryptocurrency payment distinguishes the company from other firms in the space such as MightyAi which pay workers in traditional government issued currencies.

By paying the workers in a cryptocurrency, the company explains, they are able to attract workers who do not have (access to) traditional bank accounts.

This is the first step towards the longer term goal Dbrain envisions for their blockchain / AI application of creating a cryptographic network connecting AI professionals and researchers with mini work task workers, contributing to large scale solutions. This would all benefit from the underlying proof of work completion stake enabled by the blockchain technology.

An open platform, Dbrain encourages anyone to join their efforts by registering and completing the micro work assignments, promoting their offering as [completing] simple tasks on image labeling and data validation and getting paid instantly with Dbraincoins [that can be] withdrawn at anytime.

The company currently has a flag ship version of its web-based software application along with its Telegram bot available through its website.

This latest offering builds on previous Dbrain applications including the chat bot picture editing project Icon8, which grew to 7.5 million users, earning a top chat bot ranking on Telegram.

Funded by $2.5 million from undisclosed sources, Dbrain is also a member of the Microsoft Bizspark Program.