Is Dr. Mark Holterman a person or a machine? For a person, he certainly seems to be quite busy. He participates in surgeries, comes up with new medical therapies, writes and publishes articles, teaches as a professor at the University of Illinois and guides medical students and surgical interns to be good medical professionals. Since nobody has established that he is a machine, he should be a person and a compassionate man at that he helps several non-profits that include the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam or IPSAC-VN.

Dr. Holterman has been a great supporter and sponsor of IPSAC-VN and other charitable organizations. This organization sends volunteers within the health-related profession to medical care facilities and hospitals in Vietnam, These people will also help the country advance their medical technology.

The IPSAC-VN Noble Effort and Cause

IPSAC-VN always has a great need for volunteers. They need people with medical skills whop can offer medical care for patients, can instruct medical workers, can show the students the newest advances in medical care and can treat patients with the medical advances as well.

These IPSAC-VN volunteers would also be going to enhance the health care of the kids of Vietnam.

This non-profit organization does activities like teaching a new generation of medical lecturers, surgeons and health practitioner and taking care of Vietnam youngsters in foster care. The other things that this charity does in Vietnam is supplying medical equipment, educational services, modernizing health care within the country of Vietnam and providing high-caliber surgical within the remote highlands of Vietnam.   Read important reviews in this article.

Another good non-governmental organization in Vietnam is Children’s Surgery g (CSI). What this charity primarily does is run the Blossom House home for Vietnam orphan girls that are in age range of 5 to 18 years-old. These orphan girls are provided health care and holisatic services by this non-profit as well. Poor families are also supplied with health care and holistic services by this charity. With IPSAC-VN, they are bringing medical aid that greatly profit the folks of Vietnam.

Dr. Holterman greatly supports these charitable organizations and when he has time, he participates in them himself.  For detailed information, head over to

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