Dr. Mark McKenna is no stranger to natural disasters or other obstacles that stand in the way of people’s happiness. He attended medical school when he was younger, hoping to have his own practice some day and then went into real estate after realizing it would be easier to earn a solid income in the industry. In between this time, he served as a doctor but gave that up to focus on real estate. Everything was looking good and the money was rolling in, but then Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city he loved, and he lost a lot of his business in the process.

Never one to stay down too long or fret over spilled milk, Dr. Mark McKenna picked himself up and began to help picking up others, too. He had lost millions in just a few days but decided that he would spend his energy helping to rebuild the city and help others who lost everything. He bought, repaired, and then sold low income houses, which gave many distraught residents the chance to become homeowners again. After some time, he realized that the housing market fluctuated too much to be stable. This inspired him to move to Atlanta, Georgia and start a medical company.


That company was ShapeMed, and Dr. Mark McKenna started up the aesthetic medical venture to pursue his passion for healthcare. He grew the company from one clinic to a network of clinics, which he eventually sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. He stayed on to help with the transition for about a year or so and then decided to start up another company. This company would be like an Uber for patients interested in aesthetic medical procedures, and before long, OVME was born.

Dr. Mark McKenna is now considered a true innovator in the aesthetic medical sector, because he has created something very unique. OVME allows patients to connect with aesthetic medical practitioners who can come right to their home to provide their services. This takes away a lot of the inconvenience and lack of privacy in the aesthetic medical world and allows patients the comfort of home care.