While Dr. Mark McKenna may have graduated from Tulane Medical School in 1999, he quickly realized that medicine was not the best way for him to make money in his opinion. After graduating, he built a real estate business in New Orleans and while he saw great success with his company, Hurricane Katrina devastated Dr. Mark McKenna as it did the rest of the population in the area. When the hurricane hit New Orleans in 2005, his business saw millions of dollars in property in assets destroyed overnight. Despite this setback, Dr. Mark McKenna rebuilt the company in New Orleans and showed support to the city.

Eventually, he did decide to dissolve the company and move on to other business ventures. This is when Dr. Mark McKenna went on to open ShapeMed in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. ShapeMed is a chain of medical offices that focuses on cosmetic treatments. Some of the treatments offered are laser hair removal, weight and nutrition counseling, and Botox injections. ShapeMed was very successful an in 2015 it was purchased by Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime Fitness is a chain of gyms that is publicly traded. When Lifetime first purchased ShapeMed, Dr. Mark McKenna was part of the staff. When Lifetime Fitness was bought out about a year later, he quit the company and moved onto another medically related business venture.

While still focusing on cosmetic procedures, his new company has a different vision for the way that they operate. His new company is known as OVME and not only will they have offices, they will also feature an app that will allow customers to access their services through their phone. The app will connect customers to free-lance physicians that can not only perform the procedures in the office but also will sometimes make house calls depending on the needs of the patient.

Dr. Mark McKenna has had a successful career in both business and medicine. It will be interesting to see where his newest project takes him and if OVME will truly end up the Uber for Botox.