Known by many in the medical sphere as one of the greatest doctors in this modern day and age, Dr. Saad Saad has performed countless operations during his career. His objective was to always find a way to improve how surgeries were being done. He was committed to finding ways that would alleviate pain and the risks patients faced even if it meant challenging the status quo. He had dedicated more than 40 years of his life to treating patients within and outside his community. He was involved in a number of medical missions in the United States of America and eight in Jerusalem. His dedication and commitment to his patients led him to invent two apparatuses, which he patented, as well as countless pediatric surgical procedures.

His first invention was a catheter with an Integral Electromagnetic Location Identification Device. It is easy for catheters to be lost inside a person accidentally. To ensure that the catheter is inserted in the right location, surgeons have to know exactly where it is. In the olden days, an X-ray would have to be performed for the surgeons to trace the catheter. It is important to note that constant X-rays expose someone to small doses of radiation. Therefore, the alternative option would be to use an MRI machine. However, these machines are humongous, therefore, rendering them impractical. It is this reason that encouraged Dr. Saad Saad to develop a device that would track the catheter without requiring the use of a machine or subjecting the patient to scanning. His invention helps surgeons puzzle out where the catheter is located quite easily by utilizing electromagnetic energy. The concept is more or less the same as that of a metal detector.

His second invention is a suction device. Endoscopes are small opthalmic devices that help surgeon peek inside a patient’s body during surgery. Endoscopes are usually used to study the throat, windpipe, bladder, stomach and colon. The endoscope helps the doctor or surgeon get a visual image of a patient’s inside without subjecting them to scanning. However, the doctor or surgeon don’t always get the desired images. This is because sometimes the body is filled with fluids that affect the images being transmitted by the endoscope. Dr. Saad Saad’s invention address this problem. His invention allows the doctor or surgeon suck any liquid obstructing his or her view without removing the endoscope. Since his device is cheap and easy to make, it can be found in many health centers across the country.

Dr. Saad Saad was born in Palestine. He was, however, raised in Kuwait together with his eight siblings. He studied medicine from Cairo University in Egypt and graduated second in his class. He moved to the United States 45 years ago after completing his internship in the United Kingdom. He was the surgeon-in-chief and co-medical director of K. Hovnanian children Hospital before hanging his gloves. Learn more :


The Life Saving Medical Inventions of Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon


Dr. Saad Saad