Dr Shafik Sachedina is the head of the French-based department of the Jamati Institutions. It was founded by the Aga Khan. This institution works in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation. He volunteered to work with Jamati Institutions. He was born about six decades ago in Tanzania, East Africa. He attended the University of London, from where he attained a degree in dental surgery. While studying for his bachelor’s degree in London, he was granted British citizenship. After receiving his degree, Shafik Sachedina began his career as a dental surgeon.


Shafik Sachedina oversees all the projects that are underway in the Ismaili Community. This is part of his job as the head of a department. In the Ismaili community, Jamati has sixteen offices. Shafik coordinates all the activities of all these offices.


His roles also include giving feedback to the Aga Khan Development Network, popularly known as AKDN.


Ismaili is a London- based institution. It primarily deals with conducting research programs that assist in nurturing the understanding of the background and customs of the Islamic society. The institution works on promoting a better understanding of the Muslim faith and practices. It also works on improving the interactions between muslins and other people of different religions. The institution also serves as a place for the Ismaili community to learn about their faith and remind themselves of concepts that have been long forgotten. It also enables the Ismaili society to learn of some theories that are rarely taught in Islam.


The institution has a big library which contains numerous books about the Islamic culture and religion. The library is an excellent source of research and information for individuals interested in learning more about Islam. It is also a resourceful asset to students who have based their studies about Islam. The institution also offers job opportunities. Get Related Information Here.


Shafik Sachedina’s job also entails travelling the world promoting the Ismaili Institution’s ideas. He recently paid the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister a visit. During this visit, they had a lengthy discussion about issues such as the situation in Syria and Afghanistan. He also praised the Russian leaders for maintaining peaceful conflict resolutions. He also expressed his disapproval of acts such as terrorism and extremism.


At the moment, Shafik Sachedina works as the co-chairman of the Sussex Healthcare. This is a firm dedicated to providing shelter and medical services to the elderly. They strive to treat the aging-related illnesses. The company is based in England and has over 15 homes for the elderly. The establishments were put in place to serve as shelters to the physically and mentally challenged elderly individuals.


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