Ever sell an item on eBay and wonder what type of box would be the best for it? Worry no more because eBay just released a brand new AR tool that helps you figure out the right size box for your item!

This tool works with several different types of products, including: backpacks, kitchen items, and even auto parts. The whole reason behind this tool is to help sellers reduce shipping time by helping them find the right USPS Flat Rate shipping box. Not only will sellers not have to go to the post office to try different boxes, but the tool will also be able to show them the estimated shipping costs.

This is one of the very first tools built by Google’s ARCore platform and is only available on Android devices that are able to use ARCore.

ARCore is Google’s version of Apple’s ARKit and was released in February. This is the 1.0 version and is available on over 100 million Android devices, including: Pixel, Galaxy S8, Note8, and V30+.

In addition, this tool is able to sense phone movement and position. The app is extremely easy to use. You first open up the app and touch the Selling tab. Then you push the button that says Which Box? The app then tells you to put the item you want to ship on a flat surface that isn’t reflective. A good spot would be something like a table or floor. Once you do that, you can try different virtual boxes and see which one fits it the best. Make sure you leave room for padding if the item is fragile or might be easily broken.

With the virtual box over the item, you can change the angles so you can see it from the top, sides, and back. This helps ensure that it fits well and that there is plenty of room for the padding, if need be.

eBay said that this tool is only one of the AR type tools they plan on releasing this year and there are many more to come. This tool and all the ones that will be released, are designed to help the seller get the item to the customer faster. eBay also said they expect to have an iOS version released at some point but it’s still in the works.