In 2015 in the wake of the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision on federal court case Citizens United versus the Federal election commission political action committee End Citizens United was formed. Over the last three years, Executive Director Tiffany Muller has shaped the organization to become a force to be reckoned with within the American democratic system.

It now commands, and membership basis of more than 3 million members and has the capability of generating $35 million in revenue during the midterm elections of 2018. The organization’s stated purpose is to help and the undue influence that the economic elite has in controlling our nation’s politicians. The decision by the Supreme Court in 2010 entitled corporations to the same legal rights that individuals have. The end result of this was an influx of donations from corporations through mega-donors and supersized political action committees.


Recently there has been a trend of politicians publicly refusing to accept donations from corporate special interest groups. They have been turning to support from political action committee End Citizens United in order to help with financing their political campaigns. In Pennsylvania Democratic candidate Conor Lamb has recently been the recipient of an endorsement from End Citizens United. He is running for election in a district that Republican president Donald Trump was able to win by a margin of 20 points. While the odds may seem stacked against him, potential senator Conor Lamb is confident that with the support of grassroots political organization End Citizens United he will be able to represent the people of his district.

On March 13 there will be a special election that could potentially flood control of the Republican-held seat in the 18th District of Pennsylvania. Republicans have been accused of gerrymandering the district in order to maintain control over the states political power. The current Republican incumbent is Sen. Tim Murphy who has run unopposed in the district in the last two election cycles in 2014 and 2016. While the district was easily one by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during the presidential elections by a margin of 20%, there is hope that Democratic candidate Conor Lamb will be able to take political office from the Republicans.

The current opposition to Conor Lamb is Republican Party member Rick Saccone. Democratic candidates have recently experienced several significant victories after the inauguration of Donald Trump. A grand total of 34 state legislative seats and even one seat in the U.S. Senate has been taken from the Republican Party given to the Democrats. In comparison, Republicans have only managed to assert for state legislative seats. In an effort to support Republican candidate Rick Saccone Donald Trump is scheduled to hold a rally in the state. This has not deterred Conor Lamb who believes that he has a strong chance of victory.

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