Alex Hern is an entrepreneur in the technology sector. He invests in early-stage tech companies including incubating them. His latest venture is Tsunami which is a company that offers virtual reality products and services to other businesses. People can use Tsunami’s products to hold a digital meeting using any type of device and their software render complete 3D objects. He has been in the technology sector for the past 22 years. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.

The first business that Alex Hern co-founded was Inktomi Corporation which opened its doors in February 1996. Their software was used by the popular at the time HotBot search engine. This company also created Traffic Server which provided a proxy cache used by streaming media and general web traffic. Alex Hern next founded Milcom Technologies, in January 1997, which was a tech company incubator based in Florida. Learn more about Alex at

Since that time Alex Hern has co-founded a number of other tech companies as well such as YesmailMM, Triton Network Systems, ArcSight, and among others. He has also served as a member of the board of directors for other companies like ZeroKnowledge Systems, CloudShield Technologies, Silicon Valley Innovation Company, and Agiliance.

The field of virtual reality, or VR, is one that is rapidly evolving. Interest among both consumers and businesses has been greatly enhanced as the costs of the headsets and accessories have come down in cost. Alex Hern says this technology can be used in business in a number of ways. One ide is “try before you buy” where businesses can give consumers the opportunity to virtually try things out. This can include things such as putting on a VR headset and seeing what the products of a home improvement store will look like in your very own kitchen. Some companies are experimenting with setting up tourism as a virtual experience so someone can feel what it’s like to be in Greece, for example, from their own home.