Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of one of its kind company named Tempus that has developed an operating system to provide better treatment for cancer. For so many years, the physicians are giving cancer treatment that follows set standards and principles that has been going on for ages. Without much development happening in the world of cancer research, it has become difficult for the doctors to provide treatment that is more focused or targeted. Most of the doctors in the absence of any genome-related data have to follow the one size fits all approach and provide treatment the same way it has been presented for years. It sometimes gets the results, and sometimes makes it difficult to get the results.

However, Tempus has collected medical research and cancer treatment data from some of the best cancer hospitals in the United States. It would help the doctors to provide better treatment that is more focused and provides personalized recovery solutions. In the last few years, Eric Lefkofsky has been highly focused on medical discoveries and wants to put the resources he has accumulated over the years in medical research. Eric Lefkofsky believes that with the help of the Tempus’ OS, the doctors would be able to provide better treatment to cancer patients. The idea of co-founding Tempus came into his mind when one of his loved ones was suffering from cancer, and he got better acquainted with what is going on in the field of cancer research and treatment.During the treatment of his loved ones, he found out that the doctors are following the age-old conventional norms and data for treatment. He discussed the issues with the several leading oncologists and people from the medical fraternity, and it is how he decided to start up a medical venture. It is how Tempus came into being, even though he does not have a medical background or any form of medical education. However, he learned about it over time and used the knowledge and his resources to start Tempus. He believes that with time, the operating system by Tempus can be put to use the world over to provide better treatment to cancer patients.