Red Reishi Mushrooms, or what are known by their scientific name Ganoderma Lucidum, have long been used throughout the world for their variety of health benefits. Found naturally throughout most of Asia and North America, natural healers in a variety of cultures have employed Ganoderma for it’s multitude of health and wellness promoting effects throughout the centuries. Now, it’s easier than ever to get your daily dose of Ganoderma, with the incredible products offered by Organo Gold. With their coffees, teas, drink mixes, and personal care products, Organo Gold has infused the benefits of Ganoderma right into the delicious, nutritious, products. Read the reviews at

Ganoderma’s health and wellness promoting attributes have long been experienced and studied by healers, researchers, and scientists alike. Through study it has been determined that Ganoderma offers a variety of effects that may, not only prolong life, but preserve our bodies, and protect us from harm. Included in Ganoderma’s list of wellness attributes are the increase of liver function, increase in overall stomach health, destruction of cancer cells, and increase in microbiota diversity, which has been linked with a variety of health benefits. Ganoderma is also an adaptogen, meaning it is a type of natural substance that assists in adapting to stresses placed upon the mind and body.

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