Graeme Holm and Co-founder Rebecca Walker started Infinity Group Australia with one ultimate goal – to help as many Australians make better financial decisions that will, in the end, secure their futures. Unfortunately, many Australians, including Mr. Holm at one point, find themselves knee-deep in debt simply because they didn’t have someone to guide them from a financial standpoint.


Then there are those who find themselves hitting the financial rock bottom simply because they were sold a bad mortgage or insurance. But thanks to Mr. Holm and his meticulous financial team at Infinity Group Australia team, they have successfully managed to not only transform but to also reshape the loaning landscape in Australia.


What started as a seemingly far-fetched dream is now a big, fully functional financial institution in the process of transforming the lives of their thousands of clients in a span of just a couple months. Apart from offering customized financial guidance to their esteemed clients, Infinity Group Australia firm also offer customized budgets for clients who have a problem managing their finances on their own.


As a result of this, most of them usually end up enjoying financial freedom within a matter of a few months of trying the new, customized budgets handcrafted by Infinity Group Australia staff. The staff also make a point of following up for each and every one of their clients, monitoring their progress and at the same time making sure they aren’t falling off.


Mr. Holm always emphasizes the follow-ups simply because he firmly believes that the road to financial freedom is not a destination but a lifelong journey. And needless to say, this so-called journey will require a lot of discipline as well as conditioning. In a bid to reach as many Australians as possible, Infinity Group Australia has so far opened offices in five different locations.


And through each of these five branches, Graeme and his dedicated team continue working around the clock to ensure that they’re reaching out to new clients while keeping an eye on their old esteemed clients.




Graeme Holm’s advice to budding entrepreneurs




The self-proclaimed “financial fitness” coach advises young and budding entrepreneurs to always follow their passion. This is simply because people who make a living out of their passions will never work a day in their lives. He further reiterated this by saying that entrepreneurs who do what they love will never lack motivation.


Finally, Mr. Holm recommends that each entrepreneur should make a point of reading The Art of Thinking Clearly. This masterpiece, written by one Rolf Dobelli, will help the young entrepreneurs make sound business decisions.

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