Peter Briger is an investment leader with a reputation for success in the industry all over the country. Peter has spent decades as an entrepreneur, finding the right techniques for success. Today, Peter is one of the leaders of the company Fortress Investment Group, where he has maintained an executive position for many years. Peter was also named one of the nation’s top elites in 2007 by Forbes. Peter Briger was also one of the wealthiest men in North America for a while as well. As co-founder and chairman for Fortress Investment Group, Peter is a highly successful and accomplished businessman that earned his business degree from Princeton. Before co-founding Fortress Investment, Peter was building was at Goldman Sach’s improving his knowledge and experience.

This position at Goldman helped shape Peters career and gave him a direction to follow as he continues to improve his capabilities and rise up the ranks at the company. His desire to succeed allowed him to work his way up rather quickly, but it also made him hungry for success higher than what he could achieve at Goldman. This is what inspired his leave of the company in 2002 as an experienced investment and financial expert. At this point, Peter was capable of pursuing any job that he wanted, so he started up a team that consisted of Wes Edens and Randal Nardone to start up Fortress Investment Group. Today, Fortress is one of the countries leading financial corporations that are separated into various divisions.

Peter Briger has expanded upon his skills quite a bit since becoming a founder of Fortress Investment Group. Under the leadership of Peter, the credit department for the company was able to bring in profits amounting to more than thirty percent of the companies entire revenue stream for the year. With all his efforts to bring the company into the public spotlight and build national recognition, Peter Briger has taken on a ton of good publicity for himself and Fortress Investment in the past few years. GiftFrom Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship