Francisco Domenech is a household name in Puerto Rican politics. His impact through the law firm Politank has proven he knows how to make power moves, and the recent campaign victories under his watch prove his political talent. It’s his time to shine, and he wants to celebrate that. He isn’t celebrating the way other professionals might. He wants to put more energy towards Politank, campaigns, and Puerto Rican politics in general. Success comes to those who work hard for it. Celebrating his victories with more hard work is the right move for his situation. Find out more about Domenech at

Although Domenech is enjoying his current situation, he remembers the lessons he learned from previous campaigns. His work on both Hilary Clinton’s and Gonzalez-Colon’s campaigns taught him about juggling campaigns. Most campaign managers have a hard time controlling one campaign, and the majority of campaign managers will fail. With this experience, he’s preparing for a new wave of politicians. Puerto Rico is going to undergo some changes in the next coming years, and the politics of the island won’t be the same. Politank is going to play a role in how the political landscape will be shaped. Politics is a challenging world, but sharp minds win in the end.

The future of Puerto Rican politics looks bright, and Francisco Domenech is going to make himself the center of it all. As a campaign manager, Domenech wants to help female candidates increase their political standing. His previous efforts to help Clinton weren’t successful, but the lessons learned are essential to future politics. The rise of female politicians is inevitable, but it won’t happen without some effort. Campaign management will need to adapt to changes, and figures like him will be essential to this transformation. Puerto Rico is a strong nation, and it’s showing that strength right now. Francisco Domenech is going to make sure of that.

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