Freedom checks are one of the most reliable investment options available to most Americans today. These type of checks are readily available as the Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs. However, the problems with these checks are that only a few people knew about them. Matt Badiali, a business article writer, decided to share some information about the checks that only a few people know. He created a video about the freedom checks and uploaded it online. According to Matt Badiali, he wanted to help as many people as he can, sharing the good news about these checks and why people should invest in it. After the release of the video, MLPs has recorded a sudden increase in the number of people who are either inquiring or buying freedom checks.

Matt Badiali’s video included a brief history about the origin of the freedom checks. He stated that including it is necessary so that the public would have background knowledge where these checks came from and why it was created. According to his video, it was during the Nixon Administration when these checks where created. It was a product of the Congress, and they American lawmakers passed a bill that would provide incentives to oil companies and petroleum companies. It was the directive of President Richard Nixon that a law that would benefit the oil and petroleum industry should be passed. Prior to the introduction of the Statute 26F – the law that provided incentives to the oil and petroleum companies – President Nixon had to worry about the news that hundreds of oil and petroleum companies will be leaving the United States. During his administration, the country needs a lot of energy, and if many oil and petroleum companies leave, the United States will lose a huge amount of energy providers. He encouraged the Congress to create the Statute 26F to prevent the companies from leaving. After the creation of the bill, it was proven to be a success, and the companies stayed for good.

The tax-free incentives given to the oil and petroleum companies are not automatically applied. The companies would have to make sure that they abide by the conditions, and one of the conditions stated that was the provision of freedom checks to the public.

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