As our world continues to advance and technological changes keep evolving with incalculable speed, Businesses spring up with myriads of ideas, creating products or packaging services that solve different problems or provide faster or smarter solutions in our ever evolving business climate. As it is popularly quoted that a dangerously high percentage of businesses fail in its first year of launch, Glen Wakeman; a business consultant with over 20 years of experience has created solutions to reduce this failure rate in businesses.

It is probably easy for Glen Wakeman to be an authority in streamlining business ideas to lead to positive fruition because of his innumerable experiences as well as his extended time in the business field. Glen Wakeman was CEO of the Latin American division of GE Money. In a career spanning the course of 20 years, he had worked in various departments like Technology, Operations, General Management, Business Development, Country and Regional management before becoming CEO, a position he held up until 2006. His achievements would include starting and building of nine different country operations for GE from ground up. It was recorded that these operations he built brought in revenues of over $2 billion (

Glen Wakeman received recognition by GE’s Board of Directors as a growth leadership Model due to these results as well as his network of over 1000 branches of new partnerships that he developed. Glen Wakeman has a Six Sigma Black belt certification, has a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Glen Wakeman is the founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. This is a company designed on the SaaS (Software as a service) model with the principal aim of breaking down ideas into concrete plans that will tailor these plans along the lines of showing benefits to the consumer or user of such service with the main aim of reducing the failure rate associated with new startups.