Finance recruitment firm GoBuyside has published an article on the Daily Forex Report exploring the issues that currently undermine the recruitment efforts of investment management firms, and detailing effective solutions that could help offset these problems.

Included in the article as an issue worthy of consideration is the ever-present concern of a firm’s bottom line. While the benefits of effective recruitment strategies are obvious to executives, especially in today’s highly competitive hiring market, the need to maintain tight budgets and cut down expenses means that the reduction of recruitment costs remains of vital importance to any modern-day investment management outfit. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

To put the issue simply, the need to implement useful recruitment strategies is counterbalanced by the need to maintain low recruitment costs.

To address this issue, the article advises that investment management firms utilize the services of an external recruiting partner capable of effectively finding and recruiting specialized talent independently of the firm. This outsourcing of recruitment to an external firm with a track record of success ensures that both time and monetary resources are saved by the investment management firm, while at the same time guaranteeing the successful recruitment of specialized talent to the firm’s workforce.


GoBuyside stands as a prime example of such a recruiting partner, as they are known and celebrated for the speed and efficiency with which they close personnel searches in comparison to their competitors, as well as the monetary flexibility they provide their clients; highlighted in the article was the endorsement of a equity hedge fund managing over $10 billion in assets, who had lowered their annual recruitment costs by nearly $1 million through their collaboration with GoBuyside.

Founded in 2011, the firm specializes in recruitment for companies operating within the financial and investment sectors, including hedge funds, private equity firm and investment managers. Having filled over 2000 positions for over 400 clients in more than 500 cities across sixteen countries – including numerous Fortune 500 companies – GoBuyside has, in its near decade existence, very quickly solidified itself as a global leader in specialized talent recruitment. Read more about GoBuyside at