Those with an Android device are probably very familiar with Google Play. Google Play is a place to download literally thousands of free applications to an Android device. Of course, quite a few are also available for a small fee. The Google Applications are easily accessed through the Google Play Application. Google discovered that there were a lot of bad eggs out there that design malicious programs that are included with the applications. Consequently, they are removing thousands of potentially harmful applications from their Google Play Store.

Google Removes Potentially Harmful Applications
In a strategic move, Google Play removed 700,000 applications that had the potential to harm the user’s phone or steal private information. The fact is that a large number of those potentially harmful applications are free. Most people do not give a second thought to downloading the applications because they are not aware that malicious applications might be in the Play store. The head of security at Google Play recently announced that the potential for downloading a harmful application has decreased considerably since removing all those suspicious applications.

Malicious Applications Dangers
The not so surprising fact is that Google is a place that many malware distributors go to upload their malicious applications. However, Google Play seems to be ahead of the game and very aware of the potential dangers. Google’s head of security states that any applications that appears suspicious or has the potential to harm a user’s phone or steal personal information will never make it to the Google Play Store.

Avoiding Malicious Software
The best way to avoid malicious software according to experts, is to avoid unfamiliar sources. Stick to familiar sources like the Google Play Store that finds those potentially harmful applications before they make it to the store. The fact is that there are always going to be malicious software developers that try to sneak their dangerous applications into sites like the Google Play Store. Google has stepped up their security measures to find those applications. Now, it is much easier for the Google Play store to spot those dangerous applications. However, it is also a good idea for users to use due diligence and avoid downloading suspicious applications to their phone. For example, applications with few reviews, bad reviews, or no reviews.