Infinity Group Australia was founded by business and life partners Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. Holm had worked for ten years at a Major 4 Bank after college and came to realize that just about every Australian family had a bad mortgage deal that they could fix if they only knew that they could, as well as how. There was simply no requirement or incentive for bankers or financial institutions to work with families in Australia once they had been approved for a loan. This led to many mistakes in repayment and financing their debt because so many rules and loopholes were hard for a layperson to find.


Holm and Walker spent six months doing research on how and if a financial counselling company could make a profit without taking advantage of their clients and found the answer to be “yes.” The two formed Infinity Group Australia and began offering their services out of a small office. As they helped more and more Australians reduce debt and pay down mortgages, they expanded and began hiring staff. They have helped over a thousand families get their finances in order in the last five years. Infinity Group Australia offers counselling and financial planning to provide debt reduction and retirement planning though wealth creation. They have taken many mortgages that were scheduled for 20-30 years of payments and helped show families how they can pay the mortgage off in ten years, or less, with a budget that also puts more money in their pockets each month. Infinity Group Australia doesn’t get paid unless the client save money, and their services go beyond one-time counselling. They offer ongoing, one-on-one financial counselling, with their representatives working with the client for months or even years at a time, if needed. This is a successful model, as 100% of Infinity Group’s clients see an average savings of $41,000 per year, and they all also pay off more of their debt or mortgage in the first three months of working with Infinity Group Australia than they did in the 12 months before.


The business model is proving to be a success. Not only does Infinity Group Australia have an overwhelmingly positive client feedback, and the company was given the number 58 spot of Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies. The award, determined by the Australian Financial Review and Invetium. The award is given to the companies that show the most innovative services and the largest chance to grow. It is the only national, cross-industry award given in Australia to businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Once called the BRW Most Innovative Companies list, the Australian Financial Review award has been given out in its present form for seven years now.


Holm and Infinity Group Australia have won numerous other awards over the years, including Holm getting on the Top 100 Brokers list. Infinity Group Australia is based in Bella Vista, New South Wales, Sydney. They offer their services to Australian families seeking debt relief. Learn more :