Graeme Holm is the brainchild behind Infinity Group Australia property Ltd, a company that aims at changing the lives of financially unstable Australians. Graeme is a Business Administration masters holder and has more than 15 years experience in the fields of banking and Finance. He started his career in 2001 and was designated to promote one brand product and manage service offerings. It bothered him how the only available institutions had poor services for their clients, and that’s when he saw an opportunity and started the infinity group. Learn more:


Graeme Holm carried out extensive research before opening his company and found out that among the things that lacked in the industry were guidance and support for these financially unstable families. Under his guidance, the Infinity Group has helped clients eliminate $41,000 in debt within its one year of operation by providing a personal banker who walks clients through the process of paying off their debts. They ensure their clients get their loan reviews, performance reports, and guidance on how to develop and maintain their budgets at the end of every month.


The infinity group director, Graeme Holm believes that having the right strategies in place will help an individual to repay up their loans sooner than they expected. Using this policy to guide the Infinity Group, the award-winning company has managed to help clients pay their 30-year-term loans within ten years. According to Holms, most people are excited about Infinity group because they can go to work and spend time off with their loved ones without having to think about paying bills because they are well-taken care off thus relieving a whole load of anxiety.


Their greatest motivation as a team is the feedback the company gets. All their customers can attest to the fact that Graeme and his employees are all friendly and warm enough to make them feel comfortable around the banking experts. Jayson Bukuya an NRL player who is one of their clients thanked them for making it possible for them to buy a family home through their financial strategies. One of the infinity team’s most significant achievement is the fact that families are achieving their wildest financial dreams.


Besides collaborations and incredible customer service, they built their reputation through acts of philanthropy hence promoting the growth of the organization because so many people could now easily trust them. Graeme Holms dislikes people with no integrity and morals, and in an interview, he admitted that he wouldn’t work with that kind of attitude. He encourages everyone to focus on their dreams and keep working hard because every day is a step closer to total success.