Gregory James Aziz is a businessman and entrepreneur based in Canada. He is known as the current president, chief operating officer, and chairman of the National Steel Car. The National Steel Car is a company which produces and manufactures rolling stocks, or commonly known as train cars. They specialize in the production of train cars that will be used for public transport or freight transport. The company was established in 1906, in the city of Hamilton, and the group which formulated the idea of building an all-Canadian rolling stock manufacturing company were wealthy investors who have seen the potential of the Trans-Canadian Railway to bring in more profit.



The National Steel Car was purchased by several companies and individuals in the past, and the latest owner is Gregory J Aziz. When he was still in the university, he thought of doing business once he graduated from school. He would be managing their family business for several years, causing it to rise against its competitors. After helping the company gain traction, Gregory James Aziz told his parents of his plan to work in a different environment. He left his parents searching for a job in the city, and he landed at a financial consulting firm. He would work hard in the financial industry to save money, and he would later use his savings to purchase the National Steel Car in 1994, which was put up on sale by Dofasco because they do not realize the company’s worth.



After Gregory James Aziz took over, the number of employees working for the company rose, and the number of rolling stock production annually also followed suit. Gregory James Aziz revealed that he asked the old employees to stay because he wanted them to serve as the guide for the new employees, and he also reconsidered their will to work and their expertise in the field. The National Steel Car became one of Canada’s most competitive companies, and under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, the company has been receiving multiple awards and recognition.



Gregory James Aziz thanked everyone who has shown their support to the company. He is currently targeting the international market, revealing that he will be doing his best to place the National Steel Car in the most successful companies not just in Canada but also in the whole world. The National Steel Car continues to produce high end rolling stocks that are being exported overseas, and so many rail transport companies are buying them. Find Additional Information Here.


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