Adam Milstein is the son of Haifa, Israel and happens to be the eldest son of Eva who was known to be a homemaker and also Hillel Milstein who happened to be a professional real estate developer. The two parents met when Israel was founded after relocating from different countries. His father participated in the independence war as a combat sailor. He was born in the year 1952 and has been brought up in a caring manner. He used to observe what his father used to do in his career and with time, he became a great business mogul. He is currently working in his company based in the United States. His passion in his career has been remarkable and has leaped great fruits from it.


In 1971, Adam Milstein joined the Israel Defense Forces for mandatory service and served during several wars including the Yom Kippur War that happened in 1973. He managed t go through the compulsory course and later went on to join the Israel Institute of Technology. He studied a bachelors of science degree in Economics and business. He was always driven by his ability to achieve in his career and was still very optimistic. While at School, he used to work with his father on a mission to expand the real estate business.


Adam Milstein married the love of his life in the year 1974. The wife was called Gila whom they have done tremendous works of philanthropy together. They have worked with passion and have always had high motivation in their career. In 1981, Adam Milstein, along with his family relocated to the United States of America and immediately joined the University of Southern California. He graduates with a masters in Business Administration. He later went on to become a real estate sales agent.


Adam Milstein is the current managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties and has been able to oversee the company financial and accounting system. The company has been known for being the best properties management company in the world. He is also the co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation and has been able to help many Jews from across the world access primary education.