In the past three decades, Michael Burwell has moved from a standard employee at Pricewaterhouse Coopers to one of its most valued business leaders. While he started working at the low-level positions within the company, he would gradually climb up the ladder, passing through some of the company’s core departments into leading its North American business division. It was at this point in his career that he was tapped by Willis Towers Watson to serve as the insurer’s chief financial officer. Here, Michael took the position previously occupied by Roger Millay who went on voluntary retirement.


Career at Pricewaterhouse coopers

Burwell first worked with the company’s business advisory department before moving on to the Assurance practice. His hard work and loyalty to the company saw him earn the position of PWC’s chief operating officer for their United States division. This would be closely followed by further promotions to the position of the chief financial officer for the group’s United States division as well as the vice chairman for global transformation department.


The move to Willis Towers Watson

According to Willis Towers CEO, John Haley, Burwell’s unique qualifications made him uniquely qualified to replace Roger and push forward the company’s transformation in the finance department. Plus, while he served with PWC’s assurance department, Michael Burwell got to hone his skill with regards to business valuations.

These fall in line with Willis Towers Watson core development goals and John believes these unique skills will be a great addition to the insurer’s management team. Haley adds that the company is excited about the appointment and is confident that Burwell possesses the necessary leadership qualities and virtues need to run Willis Towers operations.

While accepting the appointment, Burwell expressed his gratitude to the Willis Towers Watson management for honoring him with the appointment. He would also shower Willis Towers management team with praise for their commitment to customers, leadership strength, and inclusive culture while expressing his interest to help expound on the successes of the company.


More about Michael Burwell

Michael is a certified public accountant (CPA) and a graduate of Michigan State University where he pursued a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. He is particularly experienced in improving productivity and bottom line within an organization without causing unnecessary operational disruptions.


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