Banco BMG is Brazil’s leading loan provider and financial service advisor. The Bank was formed over 80 years ago by FlavioPentagnaGuimaraes. Flavio is the head of one of Brazil’s most powerful families, the PentagnaGuimaraes family. Falvio’s son Ricardo AnnesGuimaraes took over the BMG Company as CEO until it became a public company in 2017. Antonio Hermann is the current CEO and is taking the Banco BMG into the future. Recently, Banco BMG entered into an agreement with ItauUniBanco in order to expand its profile and financial offerings. The merger was a result of the company going public. In order to improve efficiency and managerial competence the hiring of executives will have a sophisticated and elaborate process. Also, the company will undergo a vast restructuring and realignment strategy. New executives such as the new CEO Antonio Hermman will eliminate unproductive segments of the company and focus efforts on its most profitable division the payroll deductible loan portfolio, and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

Ricardo Tosto is an avid philanthropist and sports enthusiast. He has been the president of Club AtleticoMineiro where he improved the clubs reputation and removed all the corruption surrounding the Soccer club and its management. Ricardo is also responsible for creating the club’s training center the Rooster, which is considered one of the best training facilities in the entire country of Brazil. In 2016, Ricardo Guimaraes was honored with the Honor to Merit. It is an honorary membership into the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies a very high honor for a civilian. Leo Bourgeois opened the ceremony and gave a speech citing Ricardo’s accomplishments with Brazilian sports and promoting the nation of Brazil.

Ricardo Guimaraes thanked everyone for attending his award ceremony including his father Flavio, and son FlavioNeto. The ceremony was attended by other high profile individuals including, the President of the Legislative Assembly, Deputy DinizPinheiro and Municipal Secretary of Finance, Jose AfonsoBicalhoBeltrao da Silva, and his Website.

Ricardo Guimaraes has been involved with many charitable foundations and philanthropic projects throughout Brazil. Ricardo invests in Olympic and professional athletes, the Baleia Hospital and the Sao Vicente de Paula Foundation among others. His vision is to promote Brazilian sports and the financial and overall reputation of the Brazilian nation. Recently, Brazil has been at the center of corruption and financial scandals, but with the help of Ricardo and the PentagnaGuimaraes family Brazil will become a great nation that is appreciated and respected.


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