October 28, 2015

Qnet; The New Company Has a Unique focus for Direct Selling

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Qnet is a 16-year old direct selling company that is a comparatively new competitor in an industry that is toughly dominated by much larger direct selling and marketing rivals. QNET started out with a young group of friends that had an accordant vision for marketing to promote better wellness and health living. Successful new online marketing company QNet offers a wide range of quality products and different brands that focus on enhancing the lives of consumers worldwide to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Their superior and well tested products range from wellness products, skincare and nutritional products to Swiss-made watches and fine jewellery.

Qnet has a rigorous testing process when selecting new products to add to their brand. A few of their unique aspects that they look into while evaluating new products are based on their moral standards and high ideals. Quite a different way of looking at business from a big business standpoint. As a company, Qnet is dedicated to following a strict and healthy vegetarian philosophy. All meals served at company events are vegetarian. They also strongly promote vegetarianism as a means to a healthy well-being and lifestyle choice. This high standard is reflected throughout all parts of their business strategies and products as well. Qnet will not allow any non-vegetarian ingredients in any of their edible or consumable products, and they absolutely promote safe testing without harm to animals. No animals are used in any of their testing methods. Qnet has made an effort to spread awareness against the enormous growing rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other degenerative diseases worldwide by reducing the sugar, artificial sweeteners and harmful chemicals in all of their products currently sold online.

QNET’s follows the philosophy to better yourself to better those around you. A refreshing stance from Asia’s current leading direct selling company. QNET takes its success and gives back, taking social responsibility seriously. QNET is dedicated to their involvement in philanthropic work internationally. This thriving young company actively serves local communities and international societies alike to establish and follow through with vital community programmes. QNET has been known to vigorously support Rashid Centre’s programmes to benefit and advocate for special needs children.

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