January 20, 2016

Compliance Officer Helane Morrison Keeps Hall Capital In Order

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In the business world there is a certain form of structure that a company has to build in order to be successful. This is especially true in the financial world. There are so many rules and regulations that orders have to follow when investing money is involved. That is the case with Hall Capital. This is a highly successful investment firm with big name clients like Warren Buffet. This company would not be successful without people like Helane Morrison though. She is the leader in the organization with the knowledge of the rules that this organization must adhere to. She is the Hall Capital Compliance Officer, and this her role her is one that is crucial to the success of the business that CEO Kathryn Hall has built.

Helane is a strong leader that knows the law. She has a law degree, and she was a practicing lawyer years prior to her time with Hall Capital. This makes it ideal for her to take on the role that she has right now as the Compliance Officer for Hall Capital. She is accustomed to keeping order. She is aware of certain rules and regulations that the rest of the executives may not know about.

Earlier in her career, Morrison held the Regional Director position for the San Francisco Security and Exchange Commission. It was through this position that she became aware of the laws and rule breakers. It was her job to do inspections and to make sure that organizations where following the rules. In her current role she is doing much of the same thing, but in this case there is a difference. She is working on the other side of the fence now. She used to be in the role of inspecting companies from the outside, but now she is part of an organization. She does internal audits for her own company because she is ingrained with a company structure. This is important for organizations to have these type of executives because it safes so much legal trouble down the line.

There are companies that have broken rules that were forced to pay fines. Some executives can even serve time for the types of rules that they break. It doesn’t matter if they know they were committing a crime or not. Helane Morrison works hard to make sure that Hall Capital doesn’t have to go down this road.

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