April 26, 2016

Keith Mann Shapes the Future of Tomorrow

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Leaving a legacy is the only part that makes a lifetime of success even matter. Many successful individuals rarely consider what will specifically be remembered about them or what they want people to most remember them for. The result is a life left behind with not much to show for it. Some individuals, however, make a difference on earth that will be remembered for generations to come. Keith Mann is one of those people.

Business Wire recently covered a great feat of Mann’s, which was his announcement of his Scholarship of Personal Achievement for 2016. Keith and Keely Mann have partnered with Uncommon Schools in Brooklyn, New York to offer a scholarship for one graduating senior each year at a select Brooklyn high school. A heavy focus is put on the next generation’s future business leaders, and the applicants for this scholarship must write a lengthy essay discussing what a college degree will contribute to the achievement of their personal goals. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, this scholarship is crucial in maintaining a healthy academic vision for all students in New York and across the nation.

Keith Mann is an expert in hedge fund compensation with over fifteen years of experience in the executive search industry. He established Dynamic Search Partners(DSP) in 2009, which is a firm serving the purpose of delivering quality talent to hedge fund industries. Currently assuming responsibility for managing the firm Keith is also a leader with a compassionate soul.

Understanding the importance of nurturing our youth to be the best that they can be, the gentleman has worked tirelessly to establish a means to form the future leaders of the world. A soul with a strong drive to better the nation, Mann, is a positive influence for high schoolers and businessmen across the globe.

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