April 28, 2016

A visionary Entrepreneur who made $30 million Within Five Years; John Goullet

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John Goullet is an entrepreneur who guided the development of many of well-credited ventures in IT industry. His profession career streamed from a mere Consultant to a President and Co-founder of DEVERSANT LLC, Goullet is the founder of Info Technologies, Inc. in 1994 a firm that specialized in IT solution and garnered tremendous growth from concept to over $30 million within the Span of 5 years. John was the Chief Executive Officer of the company led it in creating avenues for their client to consult by offering structured changes within the market in order to meet diverse client needs.

Info Technology emerged to be in number 8 in the list of 500 fastest growing and best IT industry in the United States. Prior to founding Info Technologies, John served first as a computer Consultant, then in as IT staffing executive. In his role as the CEO, John directed his firm on understanding the business climate and as well paid the attention in his clients through creating a podium that allowed offering IT staffing solution.

John advocated to have their clients’ needs and challenges met at the individual and corporate level which had been his desire that made Info Technologies to win awards twice. Later in career Info Technologies Inc. merged with Diversant Inc. and John became the president leading the company into highly successful in acquiring market globally. John worked at Computer Sciences Corp, Lyndhurst for two years and in Constell Group in three years. John went to Ursinus College.

Diversant LLC is named Diversant to tell more about its belief that is committed to the promotion of the diversity, as it believes it is the optimum way to excel in business. Within Diversant, there are structures that enable collaboration within various department like the structured supply chain in the workplace.

This structured Platform at Diversant llc, helps the firm to meet clients’ needs more successfully. This has made the company to offer IT staffing services at the individual level and as well as wide range of solution for their Fortune 1000 and Mid-Market clients.

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