August 31, 2016

Google Quietly Ditches Hangouts on Air

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Starting September 12th, you’ll no longer be able to use Google+’s Hangouts On Air service. The service allowed people to live stream video that could then be joined by others privately or publicly. For instance, you might use Hangouts on Air to speak to coworkers round the world, or a celebrity might use the service to speak t their fans at once.

Google originally added Hangouts on Air to Google+ as a feature for celebrities. The service, which launched in September of 2011, was originally jut used by high-profile individuals who wanted to communicate with large groups of people at once. Later, Google opted to mae the feature available to everyone,; however, that didn’t happen until May 2012.

Now instead of Hangouts on Air, Google+ users will be instructed to use YouTube Live. YouTube Live is a relatively similar service, which allows YouTube users (which are essentially google users) to live broadcast directly onto the service from wherever they are.

If you’ve already scheduled a Hangouts on Air broadcast for after September 12th, Google will be moving it over automatically to YouTube, with no work needed on your end (besides of course using YouTube come broadcast time).

Events that have already been recorded using Hangouts on Air will now be available on YouTube instead. There will; however, still be a Google+ link that can be used to view the event content in your Activity Log.

If you’ve never used YouTube to perform a live broadcast, getting started is fairly simple. First, go to Live Streaming Events from within YouTube’s Creator Studio and the select New Live vent. From there, select Quick, and then give your broadcast a title. When you’re ready to start broadcasting, click Go Live Now. You also have the option to schedule an event for later, if you want to promote a particular live broadcast rather than going live immediately.

This move seems like Google is taking an even further step back from Google+. It originally built the service as a Facebook competitor, but the social network never took off.

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