September 3, 2016

Google Makes it Easier To Understand How To Vote

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Election Day is coming up in the United States, which means it’s time to start considering how you’re going to get to the polls, or at least figuring out where your polling location is so you’ll be ready to cast your vote.

If you’re not quite sure how the voting process works in your state, Google has you covered. The company rolled out a new voter guide that breaks down exactly how you can get your vote in each state, with state-specific instructions. That’s right, it will tell you exactly what you need to do based on where you actually are, with no need to scroll through long lists and figure out whether certain rules apply to you or to your state.

A simple search for “How to Vote” in your state will bring up a ton of information, with details on everything from how to register, to what to do with mail-in ballots or what you need to do if you’re traveling in November and need to vote early.

Voting can be difficult to understand. Many people only vote in presidential elections, which only happen every four years. When you wait that long between doing something, it stands to reason that you might forget how the process works to some extent. And then there’s the factor of moving. If you voted once when you were in high school, once in college, and now you’re graduated, that’s likely at least there different places you’ve had to figure out, if not much more.

In July, Google rolled out a similar service except just for explaining to people how to register to vote. Also due to the lack of elections that people are interested in participating in, many people aren’t currently registered to vote in the state that they live in. Google’s tool made it easy for people to understand how the registration process works, and when the deadline is to get registered for their particular state.

The general election will be held in the United States on November 14th.

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