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Google Mends Fences with the European News Organizations

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With the aim of stimulating innovation in digital journalism, Google recently announced its distribution of more than $30 million to projects covering the European news Tech scene. This funding will enable the broadcasting system to embrace the new digital age. SundarPinchai, Chief Executive Officer of Google, says that the funding will be allocated to a variety of diverse organizations, ranging from hoax-busting applications and tools that verify social media in real-time to automated content personalization and robot journalism. This round of significant funding follows the $167 million fund the company announced in 2015.
The funds, which were allocated the name Digital News Initiative Funds, will go to a number of initiative and companies the Mr. Pichai describes as, “Wonderfully diverse.” Over the past few years, the European news organization and Google have had a tense relationship. Due to this Google sees the Digital News Initiative as a means to mend bridges. For instance, after the Germans argued about Google using short snippets of copy on Google news, Google had to include opt-in and temporarily de-list a huge number of news organizations in Google News.
The funding is intended to fund projects which are categorized into three groups namely: prototype projects, medium projects, and large projects. In order to build the prototype, $55,000 is required, while medium projects, which include startups and new organizations, require $333,000. The rest of the funds will be allotted to large projects which include larger organizations that need larger amounts of capital.
Google Highlights El Diario, a Spanish site, is among the 128 projects that will receive the funding from Google. The Spanish site is based on a crowd-funding model that identifies niche groups of audiences, who they invite to contribute money to a specific story. The German Startup Spectrum will also receive the funds which will aid it in building an artificial intelligence engine that helps publishers interact directly with readers through instant messaging applications.
In the first round of issuing the funds, the contributions will be allocated to different startups within 23 different European countries. Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, and France will, however, receive the bulk of the money for their various projects.

Cancer Research

Dr. Clay Siegall is Helping to Create Advancements in Medical Research

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Clay Siegall, PHD. is the CEO and co-founder of Seattle Genetics. He also, in 2013 became a member of the board of directors at Mirna Therapeutics. The company felt that Dr. Siegall‘s extensive background in cancer research would be an excellent addition to their company. The company is currently focused on microRNA therapeutics, which they felt Dr. Siegall’s knowledge would benefit them in. Clay Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics back in 1998. The company has since created anti-body therapies for cancer patients, including ADCETRIS (brentuximab vedotin), which obtained FDA approval back in 2011. ADCETRIS has been used to treat 15,000 lymphoma patients across the globe. He has written various different publications that have contributed to the medical community. Dr. Siegall holds a bachelors degree in zoology. After receiving this degree, he went on to obtain his PHD in genetics from George Washington University. From there he went on to work with the National Cancer Institute as well as other prestigious organizations.

In addition to all of this, Dr. Clay Siegall is also a member of Ultragenyx, has worked with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and National Institutes of Health. He is also on the Boards of Directors of Alder BioPharmaceuticals. It is easy to see that Dr. Siegall has a very impressive background in genetics and cancer research and that he has worked closely with many prestigious companies and organizations in order to make advancements in the medical field. He has also done an excellent job of raising money for Seattle Genetic’s cause.