September 19, 2016

Is Google Going to Compete with Uber?

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Google is involved in a host of different industries and services. Some of the ventures Google is involved with may surprise those who only think of the tech giant as home to the world’s biggest search engine. Likely, the biggest surprise would be the news Google is going to venture into the ride-sharing realm and give Uber some competition.

Google’s rollout of its new service is going to be fairly small. Instead of launching a ride-sharing version of a taxi service – the business model Uber and Lift employ – Google is just going to help people in San Francisco get to work. Well, that is going to be the plan for right now. In time, things are surely going to change if the minimalist version of the project takes off.

Is there really any money in this type of service though? Uber reportedly noted a major loss. Profitable or not, Uber does have a solid base of customers who rely consistently on the money saving service. Google must feel there is enormous potential in the Uber business model of the multi-billion dollar corporation would not be interested in getting involved with it.

Someone at Google may be looking at Uber and saying “This company could do so much better if only there was a better marketing campaign”. There may even be several areas in which Google feels in can improve upon the Uber or Lift model. By testing the waters, Google can see if this is worth venturing into. Test runs also open doors for making adjustments and changes.

Whatever Google’s plans are, the plans are likely huge. Google doesn’t do things on a small scale. For now, things may remain localized and only deal with the San Francisco area. If Google is thinking about venturing into this type of business, it probably has global intentions in mind.

One thing Google has going for it is a name. Not everyone may be interested in booking through Uber out of fears and concerns the company cannot be trusted. Google, however, has long since established credibility with consumers. As a result, there should end up being a lot more people who are agreeable to calling on a Google-owned ride company.

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