October 20, 2016

Cone Marshall as a Leader in New Zealand Trust

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Cone Marshall at a Glance

Cone Marshall is a renowned legal company under the leadership of Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall. The firm which is located in Auckland, New Zealand was established in 1999 and its core mandate includes creating partnerships and businesses in the region. Also, they assist in wealth planning, advice, and services. The company works closely with its clientele who include private banks, trustees, attorneys, and family advisors.

The company also strives to provide extensive services including administrative services, structuring advice, trust, succession, and New Zealand tax. Confidentiality is the mantra at Cone Marshall meaning any client inquiry are handled well and are under the legal professional privilege protection. Many companies across New Zealand can now make use of tax advantage thanks to the help they get from Cone Marshall. On the expansion front, this company is doing well and now has several branches under its belt.

Exemplary Leadership

Cone Marshall is a force to reckon judging from the milestones it has achieved in the legal industry. For the company, offering dedicated service and personalizing each customer experience is critical. The firm’s chief operators, Geoffrey and Karen are experienced entrepreneurs who have set good precedence in the country’s Trustee Companies.

Karen joined the company in 2005 after working at London’s Commercial Litigation Unit for ten years. She became a principle in 2006 one year after joining Cone Marshall, and she serves as an advisor to statutory trustee companies. Geoffrey, on the other hand, has been in the industry since 1980 providing trustee and trust management services and global trust and planning. In May 2016, Geoffrey Cone was described as the Bet of New Zealand’s Tax Lawyers in an article that serves as a Law Firm and Experts Directory.

Also, in 2012, an article that was posted on social media forums saw Geoffrey debunk the notion that New Zealand was a tax haven. Geoffrey says that the reason why New Zealand has an increase in the number of foreign trusts is that the country is recognized internationally as a safe and stable quality. The laws have improved professional infrastructure and legal frameworks. The reputation the country enjoys makes it a secure haven for business is a positive asset for global recognition.

Karen Marshall and Geoffrey have been lobbying for the creation and growth of other companies. The firm has expanded and under this leadership, but some of these firms are operating independently. Geoffrey now resides in Uruguay but continue to serve the interests of Cone Marshall to the best of his ability.

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